Online Learning

Purdue Global understands that the idea of earning a college degree online can be intimidating. Learn how online college works, how to stay connected to your instructors and fellow classmates, how to stay motivated and organized, and where to access academic and technical support as an online learner at Purdue Global. Keep reading for the latest tips, trends, and news about online learning.

How to Get College Credit for Exams, Training, and Certifications

You may get college credit with your on-the-job training, by passing certain exams, or by earning certifications.

3 Benefits of Online Learning

There are many benefits of online college, and depending on your needs, online learning may be a good fit for you.

Google Search Hacks: 20 Tips, Tricks, & Timesavers for Frequent Googlers

Google Search is a powerful tool for finding information—the go-to site for nearly everybody looking for answers.

Apps and Extensions to Help You With APA Citations

Many developers have created helpful generators to create citations and help you write in APA Style.