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Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

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From homeland security to the security of your local neighborhoods, schools, and businesses, public safety is a top concern in today's society. There are many career paths to explore for people who want to take an active role in making their own community a better, safer place. Whether you are seeking entry-level employment in the field of criminal justice or want to advance your current career in law enforcement or private security, earning a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Purdue Global may help you achieve your goal.*

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Program Highlights

In addition to a providing a broad liberal arts education, this bachelor’s degree in criminal justice program combines professional skills training with courses designed to help you develop a solid foundation of criminal justice knowledge. In this program you will have an opportunity to study:

  • The philosophy and development of the U.S. criminal justice system, its agencies and institutions, and issues and challenges
  • Applied research methods and techniques used in the field
  • The development of criminal law, elements and types of criminal offenses, and principles of criminal culpability

As part of this program, students will also have the opportunity to complete a capstone project to demonstrate the ability to apply the critical-thinking skills and concepts studied online to real-world criminal justice scenarios.

Our Tuition Cap Lowers the Cost of Your Education

At Purdue Global, we are constantly searching for ways to help students seek a brighter future, and that includes making sure our tuition costs are as low as possible. That is why we are introducing the Purdue Global Tuition Cap.

How it works: When you enroll in a participating Tuition Cap program at Purdue Global, your tuition will be capped, ensuring that you only pay a fixed amount for your education. Once you hit your cap, you will no longer have to make any payments for the rest of your education at Purdue Global, even if you have to retake a course, as long as you meet and maintain all enrollment requirements for the Purdue Global Tuition Cap program.

Note: transfer credit maximums apply; ask an Admissions Advisor for details.

Why it helps: Not only will you know exactly how much your education will cost when you enroll, but our Tuition Cap will also help you save 33%* off the total cost of your tuition. It’s part of our promise to help make college education more accessible and more affordable. Click here for answers to commonly asked questions.

*Enrollees in programs eligible for Tuition Cap pricing will pay the same tuition cost per quarter credit hour and fees as for other undergraduate programs/enrollees plus $200 per-term administrative fee and other fees. The total cost of the program, though, will be capped, other than applicable background check and/or lab fees. Savings based on the difference between capped and non-capped programs for 180 or 90 credits for bachelor’s- or associate’s degrees, respectively. Students who receive transfer credit typically study for significantly fewer terms and do not receive maximum savings. Contact an Admissions Advisor for details.

Tuition Cap Transfer Credit Maximums: Enrollees in Tuition Cap programs who transfer in more than 35 or 70 credits for the associate’s or bachelor’s programs, respectively, are not enrolled under Tuition Cap and will not be charged the $200 per-term Administration Fee. If they are required to repeat courses, take additional courses due to prerequisite requirements, take course assessments, or take fewer than two courses per term, they may exceed the $22,500 or $45,000 total for the associate’s or bachelor’s, respectively, Tuition Cap program of study.

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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Concentrations

Developing specialized skills in a specific area of criminal justice can help set you apart from other applicants in today's competitive job market. Customize your curriculum with electives in one of the following concentrations:

  • Crime Scene Investigation: Focus on techniques for locating, collecting, and analyzing crime scene evidence. Study how to identify boundaries of a crime scene and understand the principles of searching the crime scene for specific types of evidence, identifiable forensic material, and other items of evidentiary value.
  • Forensic Psychology: Study psychology within the context of the criminal justice system. Focus on enhancing your ability to identify and interact with mentally ill individuals, intervene in crisis situations, and understand the impact of crime on its victims and the community.
  • Homeland Security: Examine the origins of terrorism, response methods to weapons of mass destruction and other disaster incidents, crisis negotiation, and conflict resolution. This concentration is designed to help prepare criminal justice professionals, military personnel, or businesspeople for new opportunities in the field of criminal justice, especially with multinational corporations.
  • Juvenile Justice: Focus on the unique needs of youth in today's justice system. Study sentencing, risk and needs assessment, psychology, intervention/diversion/prevention programs, communication and relationship building, and case management for juvenile offenders.
  • Law Enforcement: Focus on landmark Supreme Court cases and how the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights apply in criminal law. Examine contemporary law enforcement organizations, community policing, policing in selected foreign countries, civil liability, and public expectations.
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Accelerated Master's Degree Option

For students interested in continuing their education to pursue a graduate degree, our flexible degree pathways allow you to work toward any of the following Purdue Global master’s degrees while you earn your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice:

Complete both your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in less time and at a lower cost than completing both programs separately. Speak to an Education Advisor for more details upon enrollment in this bachelor’s degree program.

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Higher Education at the Highest Standards

Purdue University Global is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and committed to the highest standards. Our specific programs hold additional industry-relevant approvals and accreditations.

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What are the Career Opportunities?

With a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, you may qualify for employment opportunities related to*:

  • Cybercrime
  • Counterterrorism
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Detention
  • Fraud investigation
  • Homeland security
  • Juvenile justice and detention
  • Law enforcement
  • Parole and probation
  • Prisons
  • Private investigations
  • Public safety
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How Do I Get Started?

We offer multiple start dates to give you flexibility in your education, life, and work schedules.


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What Courses Will I Take?

This bachelor's degree program offers a strong foundation in criminal justice. In addition, program concentrations allow you to select an area the best aligns with your professional goals. Choose from one of the following:

  • Law enforcement
  • Forensic psychology
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Juvenile justice
  • Homeland security

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Program Requirements
  • Core Credits33
  • Major Credits88
  • Elective Credits59
  • Total Credits180

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*Purdue Global cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Local, state, and federal law enforcement jobs may require additional training or education including additional state-approved higher education beyond the Purdue Global degree. This program was not designed to meet any specific state’s requirements, and Purdue Global makes no representations or warranties as to whether the degree or any individual courses meet such requirements. Refer to the University Catalog for additional information. Graduates of Purdue Global criminal justice programs are not eligible to attend police academies in Minnesota.

Purdue University acquired Kaplan University in March 2018 and created Purdue University Global, which is following the same curriculum format and instructional delivery methods as developed and used by Kaplan University. These disclosures are based on Kaplan University data reported prior to the acquisition.