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ExcelTrack® Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity

Accelerate your bachelor’s degree with our flexible, self-paced ExcelTrack® program. Take charge of your education and be ready to advance your cybersecurity career.

  • Earn the same respected Purdue Global bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity — faster and more affordably.
  • Invest in yourself and your future — information security analyst is one of the top 10 fastest-growing occupations in the country from 2021 to 2031. As the demand rises, organizations need professionals with the skills and knowledge to protect them from present and potential threats.
  • Take courses 100% online.
  • Prepare for valuable industry certifications.
  • Choose from eight concentrations.

Come Back With ExcelTrack®

Get the credit you deserve and put your experience to work with ExcelTrack®, a highly personalized learning pathway that lets you control your pace, deadlines, and courseload.

  • Take assessments to show what you know, then move quickly past those topics and spend time learning new IT skills you can use right away.
  • Speed up or slow down as needed — you’re evaluated by how well you demonstrate competencies, not by how long it takes to learn them.
  • Work directly with faculty to ensure you’ve learned all the material.
  • Save on tuition — take as many one-credit courses as you want in a term for a flat rate of $2,500, excluding fees.

Learn More About ExcelTrack®

See the University Catalog for policy and degree plan information specific to this program.

See Notes and Conditions below for important information.

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Purdue Global's School of Business and Information Technology has received programmatic accreditation for the following programs:

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Admissions Requirements

You must be a high school graduate or possess a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or other equivalency diploma. You are also encouraged to complete orientation before you start classes. Refer to the University Catalog or speak to an Advisor to learn more.

What Courses Will I Take?

The ExcelTrack® cybersecurity degree consists of 174 single-credit courses as well as a 6-credit capstone course.

All cybersecurity courses are updated regularly by our dedicated curriculum department and advisory board to ensure they reflect the most recent developments in the field.

Sample Courses

  • Risk Assessment and Network Monitoring
  • Cryptography
  • Cybersecurity Security Models
  • Incident Prevention and Response Strategies
  • Ethical Hacking Plans
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Program Requirements

Core Credits
Major Credits
Elective Credits
Total Credits

Upcoming Start Dates

We offer multiple start dates to give you flexibility in your education, life, and work schedules.

ExcelTrack® Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity Concentrations

Choose from eight cybersecurity concentrations to focus your electives on an area of study that best fits your desired career path:

  • CISSP Certification Preparation

    Prepare to take the rigorous ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam, demonstrating your knowledge to design, develop, and manage security infrastructures.

  • Cloud Computing

    Learn to effectively migrate applications and computing systems to the cloud and learn the intricacies of AWS and Azure. Apply specialized techniques to ensure data security.

  • Data Management

    Study SQL Server, Hive, HBase, and MySQL, and learn how to use these tools to manage, manipulate, and analyze data and to report results.

  • Programming and Analytics

    Learn the basics of Python, Java, and R to analyze data, and compare those to Java, C#, or JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Understand how to secure data and analyze results using tools like Tableau and Power BI.

  • Software Development Using C#

    Focus on the C# programming language in software design and development, including web and mobile applications. C# is an object-oriented, component-oriented programming language.

  • Software Development Using Java

    Use the Java programming language to design, develop and write programs across devices. Java remains the most popular language for application software development.

  • Software Development Using Python

    Explore software development concepts using the Python programming language while applying related approaches to data structures, algorithms, web services, graphics, mobile, and multimedia. Python is a versatile language known for its beginner friendliness, making it widely used.

  • Software Development Using Web Languages

    Study advanced software design and development concepts using JavaScript and PHP. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language while PHP is a server-side scripting language.

See Notes and Conditions below for important information.

Prepare to Sit for Industry Certifications

This program provides you with the depth and breadth of materials to pursue many of the critical certifications recognized by the information assurance community and for Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, as mandated by DoD Directive 8570.1.

See Notes and Conditions below for important information.

Earn Credit for Prior Certification

If you’ve already completed certification exams, you may be eligible for credit toward your degree. Learn more about eligible IT certification exams.

Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security analyst is projected to be one of the top 10 fastest-growing occupations from 2021 to 2031.

See Notes and Conditions below for important information.

Is ExcelTrack® Right for You?
Yes, if You:

  • Are a self-motivated, driven student with strong time-management skills.
  • Have 3 years of experience working in a setting relevant to your program of study.
  • Have successfully completed at least 3 courses at an accredited college or university.
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Ways to Save on Time and Tuition

Purdue Global works with students to find ways to reduce costs and make education more accessible. Contact us to learn about opportunities to save on your educational costs.

Transfer Credits

Earn credit for prior coursework completed at eligible institutions, including community colleges.

Prior Work Experience Reduction

You could earn undergraduate credit for your life and professional career experiences.

Financial Aid

Learn about federal financial aid programs available for many of our degree programs.

Grants and Loans

Learn about federal and state grants and loan programs that may be available.

Prior Military Experience

Earn credit for your military training. The average Purdue Global military student is awarded 54% of the credits needed for an associate's and 45% of the credits needed for a bachelor's.

View the total cost of attendance for your program.

Career Opportunities

Whether you’re preparing for entry-level management positions or want to advance your current career, the ExcelTrack® Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity may help you qualify for a variety of positions.

Average Salary


General labor market and salary data are provided by Lightcast and may not represent the outcomes experienced by Purdue Global graduates in these programs. Purdue Global graduates in these programs may earn salaries substantially different or less than the amounts listed above. Salary and employment outcomes vary by geographic area, previous work experience, education, and opportunities for employment that are outside of Purdue Global's control.

Lightcast average salary ranges can be explored further using Lightcast’s SkillsMatch tool. Purdue Global does not guarantee employment placement, salary level, or career advancement.

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Get to Know Our Faculty

Purdue Global faculty members are real-world practitioners who bring knowledge gained through the powerful combination of higher learning and industry experience.


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Advanced and Doctoral Degrees: Statistics include all Purdue Global IT faculty members. Source: Purdue Global Office of Reporting and Analysis, May 2022.
Publications and Development Hours: Statistics include all Purdue Global faculty members and are not school- or program-specific calculations. Source: Purdue Global Office of Reporting and Analysis, July 2022. 2021–2022 academic year.

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Connect with an Advisor to explore program requirements, curriculum, credit for prior learning process, and financial aid options.


Certification Exams: Students are responsible for understanding the requirements of optional certification exams. The University cannot guarantee students will be eligible to sit for or pass exams. In some cases, work experience, additional coursework beyond the Purdue Global program, fieldwork, and/or background checks may be necessary to be eligible to take or to successfully pass the exams.

Credit for Prior Learning: Purdue Global does not guarantee transferability of credit from any of these sources. See the University Catalog for the Prior Learning policy.

ExcelTrack® BSBA and BSIT Degree Pace: ExcelTrack® is designed to advance your progress based on existing knowledge; however, degree pace and time and cost savings will vary by individual. Students must enroll in a minimum number of credits per term to remain eligible for financial aid. Refer to the Financial Information section of the University Catalog for additional information. Enrollees will pay a per-term resource fee and associated program fees. Program includes a traditional 6-credit capstone course; however, tuition is charged at the ExcelTrack® rate.

Job Growth: Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Information Security Analysts and Fastest Growing Occupations. National long-term projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.