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Additional academy training and education not provided by Purdue Global may be required for law enforcement positions.


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Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal Justice Certificates and Micro-Credentials

An Online Leader in Criminal Justice Education

Purdue Global has helped thousands earn a criminal justice degree or certificate online, giving graduates the tools they need to advance in their career, become more competitive, or pursue a new career.

Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on preparing you to pursue your goals in criminal justice, homeland security, law enforcement, crime scene technology, or corrections.*

Criminal justice faculty members are professionals with years of experience in the field who offer real-world perspectives to help you succeed. Some offerings also incorporate courses in diversity and inclusivity, so you can understand and address the needs of the community you serve.

If you have military training, Purdue Global offers online criminal justice degree programs that are articulated to specific occupations. You could be closer to graduating than you think.

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*Local, state, and federal law enforcement jobs may require additional training or education including additional state-approved higher education beyond the Purdue Global degree. This program was not designed to meet any specific state’s requirements, and Purdue Global makes no representations or warranties as to whether the degree or any individual courses meet such requirements. Refer to the University Catalog for additional information. Graduates of Purdue Global criminal justice programs are not eligible to attend police academies in Minnesota.