Online Learning Experience

Build the future you've always wanted, online. Unlike traditional classroom experiences, Purdue Global focuses on adding a human touch to online college learning. Our convenient, web-based academic programs allow you to study on your unique schedule.

At Purdue Global, we provide you with extraordinary convenience, online tools and resources, a vibrant community, and the opportunity to achieve your professional and career goals—ending with the experience of walking across the commencement stage, in-person or virtually. Discover the benefits of online learning.

Interactive and User-Friendly Online Learning

Online education at Purdue Global hinges on the use of advanced technology and enhanced delivery methods to make classes easy to access and use. You can navigate lessons and participate in online seminars with the click of a mouse. Communicate with fellow students and faculty via email and message boards.

Our user-friendly online classrooms make learning interactive and collaborative. Your classes, academic resources, and support services are all easily accessible. Just log in to our classroom portal with your personalized ID and password and you’ll be ready to go. Purdue Global offers a full range of support services, including technical support by phone, email, and live chat.

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A Flexible Schedule That’s Entirely Your Own

Returning to school to advance your career without putting your current life on hold may seem impossible. But with Purdue Global's online programs, you can study in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, at a time that suits your work and home life. Our degree programs are designed to fit into even the most demanding schedules.

At Purdue Global, our goal is to help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue your personal and professional goals. For more information about online learning at Purdue Global or to enroll now, call an Admissions Advisor at 844-787-3834.

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Online Classroom Resources

At Purdue Global, the world is your classroom. We’re not limited by geography, which allows us to recruit experienced educators and business professionals from across the globe. These real-world professionals have a wealth of marketplace knowledge and on-the-job skills which they bring to the classroom.

Programs include online quizzes, discussion boards, seminars, student/instructor feedback, and more. Some programs offer externships, internships, or other opportunities through which you can acquire real-world experience.*

Students have online access to a full suite of library services. The Purdue Global Library contains thousands of journals and magazines that cover a variety of subjects relevant to our degree programs, as well as numerous e-book titles, newspapers, reports, and other publications.

Services include digital article and document delivery; reference assistance via email, live chat, and one-on-one consultations; and subject and course guides, video tutorials, and other instructional aids like a searchable knowledge base.

As a student at Purdue Global, you’ll have access to the support you need from the start of the application process through graduation. Student Support and faculty mentors are here to help you pursue your academic goals and explore professional opportunities.

When you complete your academic requirements at Purdue Global, our Career Services Specialists can offer career assistance. Whether you need help writing your resume, searching for position vacancies, or preparing for job interviews, we’re here to help.

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*Internship: The student is responsible for identifying and obtaining approval for an appropriate internship in his or her location.