Online Programs Focused on
Diversity and Inclusivity

Public Safety and Social and Human Services Offerings Created to Help You Meet Your Community’s Needs

As one of the largest providers of public safety degrees and a provider of human services and psychology degrees, Purdue Global is committed to delivering programs that address complex issues facing our society.*

Choose from a roster of flexible and affordable online degree programs, certificates, and micro-credentials to advance your career and make a difference.

A Focus on Diversity and Inclusivity

Purdue Global’s public safety and social and human services offerings help you understand how diversity and inclusivity are integral to instilling trust and legitimacy among the populations you serve.

Our goal is to help frame the discussions surrounding current issues in public safety and social and human services, while also assessing recommended solutions to better serve our communities. Topics such as diversity, inclusivity, and police accountability are integrated into the curricula, preparing you to become an effective community partner and respected leader.

Relevant Curriculum

Courses and curricula are created and updated by faculty who are experts, scholars, and leaders in law enforcement, public safety, and social and human services.

Comprehensive Approach

The design of our diversity and inclusivity course and the micro-credentials incorporate research-based policy solutions from national initiatives; take a science-based, responsive approach; and examine the broader spectrum of public safety and social services.

Stackable Model

Successfully complete a certificate, micro-credential, or single course at Purdue Global and transfer those credits into one of our bachelor’s degree programs.† With our stackable programs, you can advance your education whenever you are ready.

Public Safety and Human Services Offerings


A micro-credential is a set of courses that develops your knowledge and skills in a specific subject area. Earning a micro-credential helps you understand contemporary issues, increases your marketability, and adds value to an organization.

Purdue Global has created four micro-credentials of particular interest to public safety and social service professionals. Contact 877-523-8284 to learn more about micro-credential offerings or apply now and select your micro-credential under the non-degree seeking area of study.

  • Diversity
    • Analyze the impact of culture, race, gender, and ethnicity in the workplace.
    • Identify the effects of social problems on individuals and society.
    • Examine how stereotypes, prejudice, racism, and ethnocentrism can be obstacles to effective communication.
    • Create a plan to address communication challenges in a diverse society.
    • Interpret the effects of 21st century challenges in policy and legislation on traditional views of gender roles.
  • Law Enforcement’s Role in Society and Social Change
    • Explore the basic framework of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, courts, and corrections.
    • Demonstrate a tangible understanding of criminal justice, including why crimes occur, how the procedural process of courts function, and how police can affect positive change within society.
    • Apply ethical reasoning to contemporary issues faced by criminal justice practitioners using the law enforcement code of ethics.
  • Leading Law Enforcement Reform
    • Explore the basic framework of administration of law enforcement among diverse populations.
    • Demonstrate a tangible understanding of socially responsible leadership.
    • Apply ethical reasoning to contemporary issues faced by criminal justice practitioners using the law enforcement code of ethics.
  • Social Problems, Prevention, and Crisis Intervention
    • Identify the effects of social problems on individuals and society.
    • Explore community resources to address social problems.
    • Describe multicultural practices necessary to work with diverse client populations.
    • Identify theoretical models that assist in the assessment, intervention, planning, and treatment of people in crisis.
    • Apply ethical prevention and intervention strategies to crisis situations.
    • Apply the appropriate skills to crisis situations.

Note: Micro-credentials are not eligible for Title IV federal financial aid or TA/VA funding.

Adapting to Industry and Community Needs

Frank Dooley Headshot

Our aim is to routinely review our curriculum so that our degree and training offerings meet both the needs of law enforcement and public safety leaders, as well as the expectations of community leaders.

Frank Dooley

Chancellor, Purdue Global


*Largest Providers of Public Safety Programs: Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), 2021–2022 Total Degrees and Certificates Conferred, First Major, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Related Protective Services, Based on total number of degrees and certificates granted by Purdue Global compared to other degree-granting institutions.

Future Programs: The University cannot guarantee that students will be granted admission to any future programs. Speak to an Advisor about transfer credit opportunities and see the University Catalog for the Prior Learning policy.