ExcelTrack™ - Accelerated Degree Programs


This is ExcelTrack™.

Ready for a faster way to earn your degree? Good. Let’s get started.

Forget what you know about earning a degree. ExcelTrack™ is personalized learning that gives you more control over your education, getting you to the same degree faster, for less money.* Accelerated degree programs are available for:

These programs are designed to advance progress based on your existing knowledge. (Degree pace and time and cost savings will vary by individual.)

Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry, it’s not. It’s education working harder for you.


This is simplicity.

When we say simple, we mean simple. As in: no extra classes and no relearning what you already know. The courses are each hyperfocused and single credit, and each one teaches a particular skill or piece of knowledge. Like we said, it’s personalized learning. We think you’re going to like it.


This is control.

It’s your education—shouldn’t it be on your terms? ExcelTrack allows you to speed past what you already know from your previous experience, and spend all the time you need on what’s left to learn. Plus, you can take as many classes as you want every term, all for one flat price. This is all the overachieving, none of the over learning.

This is how ExcelTrack's competency-based courses work.

There are only five steps from the time you start to the time you complete each course. Why so few? Because we want you focused on what you came to us for: your degree.


Get assessed.

Start with our readiness assessment, so you can see what you already know. After all, learning is learning.


Study up.

Now you’re on your way. You can focus on what you need to learn, with your course material and motivation along for the ride.


Find support.

Faculty will work directly with you to ensure you’ve learned all the material and are prepared for the final assessment. You can also access learning resources along the way such as interactive tutoring sessions, live webinars, and more.


Practice, practice, practice.

Want to know how you’re doing? You’ll have a clear idea of your progress with quizzes, labs, feedback from professors, and more to help you get to what’s next.


Reach your goal.

Everything happens at your speed, and when you score a "B" or higher on your final assessment, you’re done with the class.

Are you a professional who’s motivated to earn your degree and advance your career?

ExcelTrack™ programs build on skills and knowledge you have already mastered through your professional experience.

This might be right for you.

If you’ve read this far, and meet the program requirements listed below, ExcelTrack’s personalized learning path is probably right for you—an organized, self-motivated, driven student with previous work experience.

Minimum program requirements

  • You should have at least 3 years of experience working in a setting where you have acquired professional skills relevant to your program of study. (Not required for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.) 
  • You will need to provide proof that you have successfully completed at least 3 courses at an accredited college.
  • For the MBA and Master of Science in Nursing programs, you will need to provide proof that you have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

To be sure this path is right for you, check out the chart below and see how ExcelTrack’s accelerated degree program compares with the standard online path.

Compare programs ExcelTrack Standard Online
Learning Method Personalized Prescribed
Courses 1-credit courses 4, 5, or 6-credit courses
Academic and Career Support Yes Yes
Bachelor's Degrees in Business Administration, Cloud Computing, Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Health Care Administration, and IT
Course Load All you can learn 2 courses per term (full-time study)
Program Tuition Structure and Costs (Excluding Fees) $2,200 per term $3,700-$4,500 per term
RN-to-Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Course Load All you can learn 2 courses per term (full-time study)
Program Tuition Structure and Costs (Excluding Fees)§ $2,200 per term $3,150-$3,780 per term
Master of Business Administration
Course Load All you can learn 1 course per term (full-time study)
Program Tuition Structure and Costs (Excluding Fees)# $1,700 per term $1,940 per term
Master of Science in Nursing Core Courses
Course Load  All you can learn 2 courses per term (full-time study)
Program Tuition Structure and Costs (Excluding Fees)** $3,200 per term $4,200 per term