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Many colleges and universities, including Purdue University Global, rely on the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual to guide writing usage and grammar style. While the best resource for APA Style is both the website and the publication manual itself, if you’re in the middle of research and need help quickly, you might need to look to technology.

Many developers have created helpful generators to create citations and help you write in APA Style. From browser extensions to websites and apps, here are some helpful tools and apps for citations.

Citation Websites

A number of websites can help generate citations in APA Style and otherwise. When looking for a citation generator, test that it appropriately cites different sources and review all of your citations for accuracy before submitting any class assignments.

Academic Writer

Academic Writer is a tool that is offered by many institutions, including Purdue Global, to help students write in APA Style. It is developed by the APA and includes videos and tutorials about APA Style. You can also manage your references and format your paper by creating an account within the site.


Scribbr is an easy-to-use online citation generator that ascribes to the 6th edition of APA Style. The generator is free to use. Scribbr also offers a plagiarism checker and spellcheck and grammar proofing.

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a free citation generator that can create citations in APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, ASA, IEEE, and AMA style. The site is fairly bare-bones and provides only the generator and some general guidance on when citations are appropriate.


Zotero is a robust research tool available online. While the program is helpful for many types of research, it also offers a feature that creates references and bibliographies for any text editor, and directly inside Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs.


Like Zotero, Mendeley is an all-inclusive research tool. Mendeley is primarily used as a document organizer and research aid, but it also generates references, citations, and bibliographies in a number of different styles.

Citation Apps

If you, like 52.6% of website users in 2019, according to StatCounter, primarily browse the web and work on your mobile device, a number of mobile-first apps are available to help with APA citation.

Citation Generator (Free Google Play Version, Paid Google Play Version)

This mobile app, offered in both a lite and full version, offers no-nonsense citation guidance. The free version only supports book, newspaper, software, Twitter, and website sources, where the paid version includes 25 in-text citations and reference generators.

Citationsy (Apple and Google Play Store)

This app, available for both Apple and Android devices, allows you to use your device to scan barcodes of references and then generate citations. Citationsy includes search engines for books, music, podcasts, and scientific papers.

Author (Apple)

This paid app available for Apple devices provides a tailor-made writing environment. It provides a word processor that automatically saves and works well with Apple apps like Reader. As part of the tool, you can create auto-citations by copying from PDF in the companion application Reader and pasting as a full citation in Author or pasting the BibTex or DOI from an academic PDF.

Easy AP Referencing (Apple)

Despite the name, this app generates APA referencing citations. Designed as an app for Macbooks or iMacs, this app allows you to use your computer camera to scan the barcode of a book. The app then generates an APA citation. The app will also save your citations as a bibliography in alphabetical order with all correct italicization in place.

Citation Maker (Google Play Store)

Another easy-to-use citation generator is Citation Maker. The easily understandable layout produces both MLA and APA formats and can work with a variety of resource formats. Some reviews suggest you double-check results produced by Citation Maker for capitalization errors.

Google Chrome Browser Extensions

More than half of the global population uses Google Chrome as a browser, according to StatCounter. One appeal of the browser from tech giant Google is that it comes with a robust selection of extensions. A few Chrome extensions can help you create APA citations.

MyBib: Free Citation Generator

This simple browser extension creates APA format, MLA 8 format, and Harvard referencing style citations that can be downloaded and put into Microsoft Word. The extension works with any URL, including PDFs hosted online.


This extension creates Endnote, APA, MLA, and customized bibliography items from journal articles, books, and more. The program allows you to copy the citation to put into a word processor.

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