Internship Requirements and Eligibility

It’s important to consult with the coordinator early in your coursework to ensure you have the elective credits available to enroll, have earned sufficient credits overall, and your GPA meets the program requirements.

Learn About the Internship Program Requirements

The internships are elective courses taken toward the end of your degree plan. The Master of Science in Information Technology internship courses (IT 597 and IT 598 are taken sequentially in the last two terms, and replace the capstone course IT 599).

There are some key considerations to keep in mind when beginning to plan for an internship. The first step is to contact the IT internship coordinator, who will review your course transcripts, GPA, and overall degree plan to determine eligibility.

There are two actions for you to follow:

  • Make sure you are eligible to participate
  • Start planning which upcoming term(s) would work best for your schedule and degree plan

LinkedIn for Higher Education

Please visit Linkedin for Higher Education for resources including how to create your Linkedin profile, search tip for internships and strategies for building your own professional brand. Resources include:

  • Building a Student Profile
  • Finding a Job or Internship
  • Networking on LinkedIn
  • Building Your Personal Professional Brand
  • Tailoring Your Profile to Your Goals
Interviewing Tips

Interviews can be nerve-wracking no matter how confident you are in your skills and abilities, so it is important to be well-prepared in advance. You can search for interview tips and resume advice in our news and resources.

Have Questions?

Please email your questions to the IT internship coordinator:

Eligibility and Requirements