Student Organizations

Are you looking for a way to engage in your area of study outside the classroom? Would you like to expand your network with peers and students?

All students are welcome to join one or more student organizations. Involvement in student organizations at Purdue Global allows you to enhance your education through student development opportunities, industry speakers, and workshops tailored to your field of study.

Additionally, students can learn leadership skills by serving on an organization’s board, include the experience and membership on their resume, and gain access to the resources offered by the individual organization.

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Clubs and Groups

These organizations are open enrollment, meaning that you can sign up at any time. Just log into Purdue Global Campus and fill out the membership form(s).

The organizations are overseen by an elected team of Purdue Global student leaders and volunteer faculty advisor(s). These individuals arrange events and distribute communications that encourage engagement throughout the Purdue Global community and their student members.

  • Affinity Groups

    Affinity group membership is based on shared identity or allyship for those with an identity.

    • Asian American Cultural Association
    • Black Cultural Association
    • Latino/a Cultural Association
    • Native American Education and Cultural Association
    • Purdue Global Pride Association
  • Analytics Club

    Analytics Club was established to educate our IT students in all things related to data science and analytics, so they will be better prepared for job interviews and can include important credentials on their resumes.

  • Chess Club

    Chess Club aims to provide a platform for Purdue Global students to learn, play, and have fun playing chess.

  • Cloud Club

    Cloud Club exists to bring students, student leaders, and faculty together to promote an interactive and collaborative way to learn about cloud computing. The Cloud Club’s mission is to educate Purdue Global IT students in all things related to cloud computing, so they will be better prepared for job interviews and can include important credentials on their resumes, providing an edge against other applicants.

    The cloud permeates most businesses and industries, and it is imperative for our IT students to have strong, current knowledge in this field. Additionally, the Cloud Club builds leadership skills by providing opportunities to participate in and lead practical cloud-related projects. For faculty, the Cloud Club provides ways to interact with students outside of the classroom.

  • Cybersecurity Club

    Faculty and students in the Cybersecurity Club at Purdue Global seek to cultivate further interest across all areas of cybersecurity. Topics and tools may vary depending on patterns, trends, and continued evolution in cybersecurity, but the club’s collective focus is to engage, collaborate, and inspire future leaders and engineers in cybersecurity.

  • Digital Authority of Technology Association (DATA)

    Digital Authority of Technology Association (DATA) is a student organization formed by and for students from diverse backgrounds in the information technology industry, to include cybersecurity, analytics, and cloud technology. DATA offers specific areas for cybersecurity, cloud technology, and analytics, but all students, at all levels, are encouraged to join and collaborate.

    The organization provides a structure for learning both outside and in the academic classroom. The activities are designed for students to gain new skills, study for certifications, and prepare for academic competitions and the real-world scenarios they will face in their careers.

  • Educators Club

    Educators Club looks to encourage, create, support, and maintain engaged learning in the arts and sciences.

  • Entrepreneurship Club

    Entrepreneurship Club's central focus is to positively impact the future by becoming a driving force while supporting entrepreneurship regionally, nationally, and globally.

  • Esports Club

    The purpose of the Esports Club is to provide not only an organized esports league, but to also build a community with the students and alumni representing both casual and competitive gaming.

  • Finance and Investments Club (PGFIC)

    Finance and Investments Club (PGFIC) intends to establish a community of like-minded finance and investing students to promote personal and professional growth by encouraging networking as well as sound financial and investment knowledge and best practices.

  • Graduate Information Technology Association (GITA)

    The mission of Graduate Information Technology Association (GITA) is to recognize, promote, and foster outstanding leadership and high academic achievement among graduate students in the School of Business and Information Technology.

    GITA members may have been previous interns who are inclined to give back to the internship by applying their experience, skills, and abilities to helping interns prepare to enter an IT or cybersecurity career. GITA members may also be current students who are pursuing their degree in IT but have no experience in the industry. These members are given an opportunity to experience real-world projects alongside their academic courses.

  • Human Services Club

    Human Services Club looks to increase awareness of the field of human services and social issues impacting individuals and families, to determine ways to serve and help the communities that we all live in, and to gain exposure to the broader aspects of the field of human services through guest speakers and career information.

  • Opportunities With Life Studies (OWLS)

    The Opportunities With Life Studies (OWLS) club provides a forum for students to encourage and support one another; actively develop services and activities for the benefit of the student body; deliver feedback to the University; celebrate their unique talents; and identify the specific needs of nontraditional students.   

  • Philosophy Society

    The purpose of this club is to create a space where members can engage in civil and thoughtful discourse about different philosophical issues.

  • Psychology Club

    The Psychology Club encourages excellence and leadership through sharing of the experience, wonder, and knowledge of psychology. 

  • Public Safety Club

    The Public Safety Club unites students in developing and maintaining a high standard of education and enhancing their understanding of the various aspects of public safety. We aim to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence among all students and faculty at Purdue Global, particularly those in the field of public safety. In doing so, we will encourage networking and promote employment opportunities, provide educational opportunities, and stimulate discussions related to the interests of our members.  

  • Purdue Global Law Society

    Purdue Global Law Society promotes the engagement of students in understanding and participating in key legal issues involving justice, public policy, and environmental law and policy.

    The Purdue Global Law Society is committed to providing a forum for students interested in law-related fields to learn more through networking, community involvement, political involvement, and potential mentoring opportunities. The society is overseen by an elected team of Purdue Global student leaders and faculty advisor(s) who are tasked with arranging events such as webinars featuring speakers from a variety of law-related fields and sessions on career opportunities. 

  • Purdue Global Writing Club

    Purdue Global Writing Club provides a creative community to have a space to express your ideas, get advice on your writing, or to connect with fellow writers.

  • Science Club

    The Science Club is a student-led organization that aims to provide an outlet for students to achieve a deeper understanding of the different types of science and how they apply to daily life.

  • Student Advisory Board (SAB)

    Student Advisory Board is the official student government association for Purdue Global.

  • Student Bar Association

    The Student Bar Association (SBA) of Purdue Global Law School is the student government association for all Juris Doctor and Executive Juris Doctor students enrolled at Purdue Global Law School.

  • Student Military Association

    The Association provides tools that assist Purdue Global students with developing the esprit de corps they enjoyed in the military. The Purdue Global Student Military Association is open to active-duty servicemembers, prior military, military spouses, military dependents, and prior military faculty and staff.

    The association seeks to build relationships with students that foster the completion of classes and graduation. Networking and career-building tools aid members in pursuing appropriate employment postgraduation.

  • Student Technology Board

    Student Technology Board serves as an advisory board to business and IT administration.

Purdue Global Honor Societies

Purdue Global honor societies are sanctioned by national organizations, who set the membership criteria for eligibility. These organizations are by invitation only. If you are eligible during the invitation period, an invitation will be sent to your primary email address.

The Purdue Global chapters are overseen by an elected team of Purdue Global student leaders and volunteer faculty advisor(s). These individuals arrange events and distribute communications that encourage engagement throughout the Purdue Global community and their student members.

Student Associations

These organizations are open to students who meet the specific criteria listed by the organization. If you meet those criteria, you can join by logging into Purdue Global Campus and completing the membership form(s). 

Associations are overseen by an elected team of Purdue Global student leaders and volunteer faculty advisor(s). These individuals arrange events and distribute communications that encourage engagement throughout the Purdue Global community and their student members.

  • American Red Cross

    The purpose of this club is guided by the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

  • Autism Speaks U

    The purpose of Autism Speaks U at Purdue Global is to further the mission of Autism Speaks by engaging the campus community and the local community through awareness, education, and fundraising. In so doing, it positively affects the lives of those with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

    National Website:

  • Business and Management Student Association

    The Business and Management Student Association strives to provide undergraduate and graduate business students an opportunity to connect with valuable resources and acquire the knowledge to help prepare them to become successful and competent business leaders.

  • Purdue Global Medical Assisting Student Association

    This chapter's purpose is to support students in the medical assisting program and offer opportunities for networking.

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

    Known as “The Voice of All Things Work,” the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the largest human resources organization in the world, with over 300,000 members. It provides the most comprehensive set of resources available to the HR management professional. It is committed to advancing the human resource profession and the capabilities of all human resource professionals to ensure that HR is an effective partner in developing and executing organizational strategies.

    National Website:

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