Frequently Asked Questions – Indianapolis Graduation

The FAQs below pertain to the Indianapolis ceremony. Here you will find some answers to commonly asked questions about the Indianapolis graduation.

If you are attending a different ceremony, please contact the graduation coordinator for that location for more details. Click here for contacts.   

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General Questions

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Caps and Gowns

See below for frequently asked questions about the ordering your cap and gown.

Diplomas and Transcripts

Question about your transcript? See the FAQs below.

Academic Honors

See below for frequently asked questions about academic honors.

  • Effective January 1, 2016, associate’s- and bachelor’s-level graduates who complete their degree with cumulative enrollment grade point average (GPAs) of 3.70 or higher will achieve academic honors status. Certificate- and master’s-level graduates are not eligible for academic honors. Academic honors statuses will be noted on diplomas and transcripts.

    The academic honors statuses are as follows:

    •  Cumulative GPA of 3.70–3.79—Cum Laude

    •  Cumulative GPA of 3.80–3.99—Magna Cum Laude

    •  Cumulative GPA of 4.0—Summa Cum Laude
  • Only associate’s- and bachelor’s-level graduates who attend the ceremony will receive an academic honor cord during check-in.

  • Graduates who achieved academic honors will be recognized during the ceremony agenda and their honors status will be noted in the ceremony program.

  • Graduates who are members of an honor society may wear their honor society regalia (cords, stoles, pins, etc.) at the ceremony. Honor society graduates should contact the Office of Student Life at Graduates must be existing honor society members prior to their final term.


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Purchasing Additional Graduation items

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