Student Support Services

Purdue Global provides a wide range of support services to help students succeed while making informed decisions. This includes but is not limited to:

The Office of Student Support

At the time of enrollment, each online student is assigned a Student Advisor, who is responsible for providing post-enrollment support throughout their academic journey. That includes providing encouragement, guidance, and programmatic information as well as check-ins on attendance and academic progress, especially if we see trends indicating a phone call or email is warranted. Student Advisors also help ensure that a student’s record is accurately maintained.

Students affiliated with the military (which today account for more than 1 in 5) are served by specialists who have additional experience and training in military programs and benefits. Students with disabilities are provided additional support from the Center for Disability Services.

Purdue Global Orientation

We want to make sure our students get off to a good start and are comfortable with the online learning environment and all that entails. For adult learners (more than 6 in 10 Purdue Global students are over the age of 30), entering students take a nonmandatory orientation up to 3 to 4 weeks before starting their courses to familiarize themselves with the navigation of the classroom and the resources available to them, completing it before their first term starts. Here and during this orientation, we cover how to:

    • Use the discussion board;
    • Upload a Word document for submission practice;
    • Attend a seminar;
    • Take an exam; and
    • Use the gradebook

We recognize that students work and learn at their own pace so we make the orientation, which is moderated by trained facilitators, available through the end of the first week of the first term.

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center, comprising the Writing, Math, Science, Business, and Technology Centers, provides students free individualized, interactive tutoring sessions in an online environment.

Trained, dedicated tutors (who hold at least a master’s degree) offer course-specific and generalized academic learning assistance. Paper and project review services provide assignment feedback, and live webinars offer students deeper learning.

In 2016, the Academic Support Center held more than 13,600 live tutoring sessions and performed 10,000+ paper reviews, while answering an additional 2,400 questions via email. The Center(s) also offer real-time synchronous webinars and study sessions each month, with approximately 130 students attending live and 200 recording views per month in 2016. Recorded webinars, video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and downloadable resources are available 24/7 for ease of access and convenience of our students.

Library Services

The Library offers students access to information resources and collections that are completely online and accessible by campus and online students at any time. Students can search and open the full text of thousands of subscribed journals and periodicals that cover a wide variety of subjects relevant to our degree programs, as well as numerous ebooks, newspapers, reports, and other kinds of publications.

Library resources are well integrated into the curriculum, as vendor-provided data shows that in 2016 the full text of its resources were accessed over 2.3 million times. During the 2015–2016 academic year, more than 8 in 10 (83%) of students agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “I am satisfied with the resources and services in the Purdue Global Library.”

Library staff (professional librarians with an MLS/MLIS) answer reference questions primarily by email or online chat. Students also receive guidance on the use of our research tools from subject and course guides, video tutorials, and other instructional aids like a searchable knowledge base.

Labs and Externships

Some Purdue Global campuses have specialized resources that support distinct curricular offerings for nursing, medical assisting, and criminal justice students. Additionally, all Purdue Global undergraduate programs include opportunities to complete externships or gain clinical experience as part of the curriculum.

Office of Student Life

The University’s Office of Student Life supports student organizations that help students develop new skills while opening doors to new opportunities. In the 2015–2016 academic year, more than 3,200 Purdue Global students participated in at least one of the 31 honor societies, clubs, and professional groups.

Support and Solutions Team

The Support and Solutions team is responsible for providing technical and general support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all students and faculty members within the University. The team is also responsible for calls related to Career Services, Student Relations, Alumni Relations, KPE Real Estate, and the Office of the Registrar (crosstrained to handle Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Office of Student Support calls). Students can access support services via telephone, email, and live chat.

Career Services

Purdue Global’s Career Services department assists all students with their individual career goals throughout the student life cycle. We are staffed to support our online students in all states as well as students attending our campus locations.

All graduates are assigned to a Career Specialist who is a subject matter expert in careers within the graduate’s program of study and geographic location. Career Services staff help students learn to craft a résumé, analyze job descriptions, write cover letters, create social media profiles, build networking skills, and interview confidently.

Working with students, educators, and prospective employers, Career Services helps identify appropriate employment opportunities for each individual. Staff provide job-search assistance, conduct mock interviews, offer networking tips, and host a full calendar of online and ground-based workshops, seminars, career fairs, “Employer Spotlight” sessions, and more.

Through online tools, students interact with employers, learn more about their hiring needs, and connect with others in their field of study.

Purdue Global students enjoy access to the CareerNetwork, a comprehensive resource available on the student portal. Launched in 2011, the CareerNetwork provides 24/7 support for job seekers and answers to career-related questions. The CareerNetwork hosts a real-time, customized job feed for students based on their program of study and geographic area, as well as provides résumé-building tools and a way to have social media profiles reviewed for content. Career Services shares job leads with students and can also send résumés of Purdue Global graduates to specific employers for consideration of a job opening. Job seekers can view listings regularly and communicate with their Purdue Global Career Services staff member on the progress of their search.

Purdue Global Commitment/Financial Literacy

Moreover, and finally, there is the innovative Purdue Global Commitment, which provides eligible undergraduate students the opportunity to enroll in classes without first making a significant financial commitment so they can determine if Purdue Global is a good fit for them. Students complete a 3-week introductory period during which they have no financial obligation; after, if they meet academic standards and choose to continue, they become fully enrolled. The University also provides students with financial literacy and loan repayment education when they enroll and when they leave the institution.

Updated 7/31/2019