Online Tuition and Fees for Independent, Subscription-Based Professional Studies Programs

Professional Studies Tuition

Tuition and fee information published on November 11, 2020.

Tuition for the independent, subscription-based Associate of Science in Professional Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies is $195.00 per month plus $100.00 for each Assessment of Skills and Knowledge taken plus $1,855.00 for PR299: Capstone (associate's) and $2,200.00 for PR 499: Capstone (bachelor's).

Tuition for the capstone course will be billed during the period in which the student is enrolled in the course along with the monthly tuition.

Note: these programs are available in term-based versions, which are eligible for Title IV financial aid. Visit for tuition and fee details.


Transcripts: A fee of $10.00 is charged for each copy of an official transcript. A $2.00 shipping and handling fee will be charged if the receiving school is unable to accept electronic delivery. Additional fees are as follows: notarized, $30.00; rush delivery, $25.00. Students will receive one free copy of their official diploma. Additional fees are as follows: duplicate/replacement, $25.00 (free if damaged in shipment or printed with errors); notarized, $30.00; apostille, $100.00.

Additional Fees: A $10.00 fee will be added for all returned checks. A fee of $100.00 is required for each Assessment of Skills and Knowledge taken.


  1. All students are required to pay tuition and fees in full prior to the start of each month of enrollment; see the Refund Policy in the Enrollment Agreement.

  2. Books and other instructional materials are not included in the cost of tuition for graduate-level courses; some courses may require students to purchase additional course materials from another source.

  3. Tuition and fees are subject to change after 30 days’ advance notice. See the current University Catalog/Addendum for an explanation of the Refund Policy.

  4. Failure to return library materials to Purdue Global or any of its partner libraries will result in a financial obligation to Purdue Global and may result in postponement of registration for a new term or graduation.

  5. Instructional materials must be returned unused within 14 days from the date the participant notifies the University of cancellation of enrollment. The participant will be responsible for payment of any bill received for instructional materials not returned.

  6. Participants outside the United States or U.S. Territories will be responsible for the cost and the shipment of instructional materials including returns and payment of customs duties or fees.

  7. Along with the Technology Requirements listed in the Catalog, all students should review and be aware of any additional software and hardware requirements for their classes prior to enrollment. For a complete listing of additional requirements, visit

  8. Upon enrollment, students must attest to high school graduation or equivalent. The University may require students to present actual proof of graduation or its equivalent as part of its verification process.

  9. Cancellation of Enrollment Agreement: Three-Day Cancellation—An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within three days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and federal and state holidays) of signing an Enrollment Agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid.


Associate of Science in Professional Studies* 

  • Credit Hours: 90
  • Expected Number of Terms for a Full-Time Student: 12–24
  • Standard Total Tuition:  $3,537.50–$5,780.00
  • Standard Total Cost of Completion:  $4,625.50–$8,067.50

Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies*

  • Credit Hours: 180
  • Expected Number of Terms for a Full-Time Student: 25–48
  • Standard Total Tuition:  $7,075.00–$11,560.00
  • Standard Total Cost of Completion:  $9,250.00–$16.135.00

*Not eligible for Title IV federal financial aid. Not TA/VA eligible.
Calculation is based on projected months of tuition at $195.00 per month plus $100 for each Assessment of Skills and Knowledge taken plus $1,855.00 tuition for PR 299: Capstone (associate) and $2,200.00 tuition for PR 499: Capstone (bachelor)
Calculation based on the expected number of terms to complete as a full-time student. The final cost varies based on the program of study, the rate at which the student completes the program of study, availability of eligible prior learning credits, prerequisites required, and the fees set forth in this document.