Tuition and Fees for the Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight

 Tuition and fee information published on November 8, 2023.

Program Tuition

Tuition for the Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight is $371.00 per quarter credit hour. By enrolling in our School of Aviation, you’ll gain access to Purdue Global’s network of alliance partners, which includes numerous aviation industry organizations and flight schools that offer eligible students a tuition reduction. Explore the list of flight training alliance partners or check with your company’s HR representative for corporate tuition reductions.

Flight training and other fees vary by alliance flight partners and their locations. Please contact one of our approved alliance flight partners for their exact costs. Flight training fees for the following certifications and ratings, as well as administrative fees, may range from upward of $80,000 to $100,000: private pilot certification, instrument rating, commercial pilot certification, flight instructor certification, and multiengine rating. These costs are not covered by federal financial aid and are the responsibility of the student.

Important: Purdue Global practica fees for flight training are separate from Purdue Global tuition, vary by flight training partner, and are subject to fluctuations in the cost of goods and services, such as fuel. Flight affiliate training practica fees are payable in full 9 days prior to the start date of each applicable term; speak to an Admissions Advisor for additional information.

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See below for Sterling Flight Training affiliate practica, flight training, and other fees.

Tuition for BS in Professional Flight

Credit Hours Terms (F/T Student) Total Tuition
180 16 $66,780.00

The number of terms varies based on the rate at which the student completes the program of study, availability of eligible prior learning credits, prerequisites required, and repeated courses.

Notice: Please contact your Advisor for specifics on VA benefits eligibility.

Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the current tuition rate and/or changes to tuition rates are to be directed to Financial Aid. A change in program may not constitute a change in tuition.

For cost of attendance, including indirect expenses, visit

Purdue Global General Fees

Unless otherwise noted, these fees are payable directly to Purdue Global, may be paid using financial aid funds, and can be incorporated into the student’s monthly payment plan. See below for practica fees.


A nonrefundable deposit of $25.00 is required at the time of reenrollment for returning students. Once the student begins classes, the deposit will be credited to the first term’s tuition. This fee is not charged to U.S. military servicemembers, Indiana residents, or Maine residents. International students are required to pay one term of tuition and fees in full prior to the start of each term within the academic year.


All students enrolled in a standard undergraduate program are required to pay a $345.00 resource fee per term ($250.00 for military veterans and spouses). U.S. military servicemembers and residents of Indiana enrolled in a standard program are exempt from the resource fee.

Additional Technology Requirements for Courses

Along with the Technology Requirements listed in the Catalog, all students should review and be aware of any additional software and hardware requirements for their classes prior to enrollment. For a complete listing of additional requirements, visit


Undergraduate students enrolled in EL206 will pay a $1,500.00 course fee. This nonrefundable fee will be collected as follows: 50% after add/drop week and 50% upon submission of a portfolio for evaluation. Undergraduate students who withdraw from the course after add/drop week, withdraw from Purdue Global before completing the course, fail the course, or do not submit a portfolio after completion of the course will not be charged the remaining $750.00. This fee may be paid using financial aid funds and can be incorporated into the student’s monthly payment plan.

Assessments of Skills and Knowledge

A fee of $100.00 is required for each Assessment of Skills and Knowledge taken.


A fee of $10.00 is charged for each copy of an official transcript. A $2.00 shipping and handling fee will be charged if the receiving school is unable to accept electronic delivery. Additional fees are as follows: notarized, $30.00; rush delivery, $25.00. Students will receive one free copy of their official diploma. Additional fees are as follows: duplicate/replacement, $25.00 (free if damaged in shipment or printed with errors); notarized, $30.00; apostille, $100.00.

LRC100 Course

Undergraduate students enrolled in Purdue Global's LRC100 course will pay a $1,500.00 assessment fee when they submit their portfolio for evaluation. This nonrefundable fee may be covered by financial aid.

Returned Check Fee

A $25.00 fee will be added for all returned checks.

Practica and Other Fees

Purdue Global/flight training affiliate practica fees are payable in full 9 days prior to the start date in which the practicum occurs and refundable according to the following formula:

  • Prior to the first day of the term: Not applicable.
  • During the first 7 calendar days of each term: Students will be responsible for the actual services provided from the term start date through their withdrawal date.
  • With attendance posted after the first 7 days but before 60% term completion: Students will be responsible for the greater of actual services provided or the percentage of term that has passed, multiplied by the base rate.
  • After 60% term completion: No refund.

Fees for which flight affiliates bill students directly will not be refunded (e.g., Cessna/King school kits, written exams).

If a student is unable to complete the practicum requirements within the specified hours, additional fees are the responsibility of the student and will be paid directly to the flight school. While TIV federal financial aid can be used toward Purdue Global practica, it is advised that students secure outside funding to ensure they have availability to funds and not find themselves unable to finance the complete program.

Sterling Flight Training Fees

  • Practica Fees

    Sterling Flight Training Fees, including practica and in-person flight training (Jacksonville, FL):

    Purdue Global/Sterling Flight Training Practica Practicum Fee Flight Hours
    AV253: Instrument Flight Training $11,317.00 35
    AV210: Ground Trainer
    (Flight simulation)
    $2,500.00 25
    AV243: Commercial Pilot Flight I $14,611.50 60
    AV248: Commercial Pilot Flight II $14,611.50 60
    AV351: Flight Instructor Flight $12,913.00 30
    AV353: Multiengine Flight $8,173.00 15
  • Precertification Fees

    In addition to flight training fees, the following precertification fees apply to all flight certifications:

    Resource Fees
    Medical Exam
    A student may need more than one exam in the course of their training.
    Cessna/King School Kit* $365.00
    Aircraft Manuals/Supplies* $275.00
    Written Exam (CATS) $160.00 per exam
    Checkride $900.00 per exam
    DOMESTIC STUDENTS TOTAL $1,850.00 per certification
    TSA Background Check (international students) $150.00
    INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS TOTAL $2,000.00 per certification

    *Payable directly to Sterling Flight Training and nonrefundable.

  • Additional Sterling-Associated Fees
    Per Academic Term Fees
    Housing* $2,000.00
    ($200/week per each 10-week term)
    Technology Fee* $225.00
    One-Time Costs
    Refundable Housing Damage Deposit* $300.00
    Headset (recommended but not required)* $357.00 
    (David Clark headsets are available from $357.00–$754.00 including sales tax)
    Apple iPad (Wi-Fi + cellular) with 128mb storage and iOS12.4; medium size recommended
    (Wi-Fi + cellular iPads contain the internal GPS chip used to activate moving maps and other capabilities; activating a cellular data plan is not required to use the GPS.)
    ForeFlight Mobile Basic Plus Software Subscription
    Provides global data-driven aeronautical maps, VFR/IFR charts, flight planning, briefing and filing, and aviation weather, and now includes logbook and weight and balance.

    *Payable directly to Sterling Flight Training and nonrefundable.

    †MyFBO scheduling services, secure Internet and wi-fi on campus, technology support desk, computer lab, and printing services.

Purdue Global Policies

  1. Books and instructional materials: Not all courses require textbooks; some use electronic instructional materials. Books and instructional materials are estimated at $50.00 to $250.00 per course. Books and instructional materials are provided at no cost to U.S. military servicemembers enrolled in all undergraduate programs. This fee is waived for other undergraduate students. Some courses may require students to purchase additional course materials from another source. Students may purchase supplemental course materials at a retail price predetermined by University administration.
  2. U.S. military servicemembers receiving reduced military tuition rates and fees are not eligible for Purdue Global scholarships, tuition vouchers, or reductions. Purdue Global participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which assists eligible students utilizing Post-9/11 GI Bill® Chapter 33 benefits with tuition and fees that exceed the annual VA benefit cap. Eligible students enrolled in Purdue Global’s School of Aviation can receive up to $3,700 per academic year if tuition and fees exceed the annual benefit cap. With the exception of the Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight, Purdue Global's programs do not exceed the annual benefit cap and the Yellow Ribbon Program is not applicable. These reductions may not be used in conjunction with scholarships or other reductions unless otherwise noted.
    GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at
  3. Indiana residents may not combine the Indiana tuition rate with Purdue Global scholarships, tuition vouchers, or other reductions.
  4. Not all programs are available in all states. Check with an Admissions Advisor.
  5. Tuition and fees are subject to change after 30 days’ advance notice. See the current University Catalog/Addendum for an explanation of the Refund Policy.
  6. Tuition is payable in full every term. Tuition payments can be made at the following website: International students must make payments by credit card or wire transfer.
  7. Full-time status in an undergraduate program is defined as 12 credit hours per term.
  8. Failure to return library materials to Purdue Global or any of its partner libraries will result in a financial obligation to Purdue Global and may result in postponement of registration for a new term or graduation. Instructional materials must be returned unused within 14 days from the date the student notifies the University of cancellation of enrollment. The student will be responsible for payment of any bill received for instructional materials not returned.
  9. Students outside the United States or U.S. Territories will be responsible for the cost and the shipment of instructional materials including returns and payment of customs duties or fees.
  10. Upon enrollment, undergraduate students must attest to high school graduation or equivalent. The University may require students to present actual proof of graduation or its equivalent as part of its verification process. All graduates of foreign high schools must provide actual proof of secondary completion by providing a degree or transcripts prior to enrollment. Please refer to the University Catalog for additional information.
  11. Fees and completion time for background checks vary by country. Additional criminal background check information may be required for a student based on his or her country or clinical setting. All expenses incurred for the background check will be paid by the student directly to the provider.
  12. Cancellation of Enrollment Agreement: Three-Day Cancellation—An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within three days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and federal and state holidays) of signing an Enrollment Agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid.

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