Alternative Credit Project

Credit to Kickstart Your Purdue Global Program

Please note: The Alternative Credit ProjectTM (ACP) has formally ended. 

If you took a break from college and you're ready to go back, the Alternative Credit Project™ provides a pool of online courses that Purdue University Global will accept toward your degree (up to 135 quarter credit hours of ACP credits). A national program of the American Council on Education, supported by a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the ACP is designed to help adults finish what they started—a 2- or 4-year degree, or a postsecondary certificate. Note that while the ACP project has officially ended, Purdue Global will continue to honor the following credit awards until further notice.


Purdue Global Accepts These Courses

Purdue Global will accept the below ACP courses as transfer credits toward your Purdue Global program:

    • ACPE-0005 Introduction to Biology (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0011 Introduction to Biology (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0012 Introduction to Biology Lab (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0023 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0034 General Chemistry (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0036 General Chemistry (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0037 General Chemistry Lab (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0038 General Physics (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0039 General Physics Lab (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0043 Introduction to Physics (JumpCourse)
    • ACPE-0007 Physics: Introduction to Electromagnetism (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0008 Physics: Introduction to Mechanics (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0020 Environmental Science (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0089 Anatomy and Physiology (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0090 Anatomy and Physiology (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0091 Anatomy and Physiology I (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0092 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0093 Anatomy and Physiology II (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0116 Introduction to Nutrition (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0094 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0028 Microbiology (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0029 Microbiology Lab (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0027 Introduction to Environmental Science (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0013 College Algebra (JumpCourse)
    • ACPE-0016 College Algebra (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0018 College Algebra (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0033 College Algebra (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0014 Statistics (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0017 Introduction to Statistics (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0032 Introduction to Statistics (JumpCourse)
    • ACPE-0015 Calculus I (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0040 General Calculus I (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0041 General Calculus II (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0019 Pre-Calculus (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0024 English Composition I (Sophia)
    • ACPE-0025 English Composition I (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0026 English Composition II (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0003 English Composition I (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0004 English Composition II (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0002 Critical Thinking (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0006 Corporate Communication (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0009 Business Communication (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0010 Introduction to Communications (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0074 Introduction to Literature (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0100 Computer Basics (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0109 Introduction to Business Information Systems (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0118 Managing Information Systems (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0085 Accounting I (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0086 Accounting I (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0087 Accounting II (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0088 Accounting II (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0113 Introduction to Financial Accounting (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0117 Managerial Accounting (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0132 Principles of Accounting 1 (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0133 Principles of Accounting 2 (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0095 Business Ethics (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0097 Business Law (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0098 Business Law (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0099 Business Law and Ethics (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0102 Human Resource Management (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0104 Human Resource Management (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0122 Principles of Management (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0123 Principles of Management (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0124 Principles of Management (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0128 Project Management (Sophia)
    • ACPE-0135 Business Management (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0126 Principles of Marketing (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0127 Principles of Marketing (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0134 Principles of Marketing (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0106 Introduction to Business (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0107 Introduction to Business (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0108 Introduction to Business (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0120 Organizational Behavior (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0121 Organizational Behavior (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0112 Introduction to Finance (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0129 Spanish I (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0130 Spanish II (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0049 American History I (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0050 American History II (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0069 U.S. History I (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0070 U.S. History II (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0083 Western Civilization I (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0084 Western Civilization II (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0061 Approaches to Studying Religions (Sophia)
    • ACPE-0063 Introduction to Religion (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0062 Introduction to Philosophy (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0073 Ethics (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0105 Introduction to Art History (Sophia)
    • ACPE-0079 Cultural Anthropology (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0044 Macroeconomics (JumpCourse)
    • ACPE-0045 Microeconomics (JumpCourse)
    • ACPE-0047 Macroeconomics (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0048 Microeconomics (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0067 Macroeconomics (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0068 Microeconomics (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0051 Professional and Career Development (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0054 Student Success (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0064 Student Success (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0055 Abnormal Psychology (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0056 Introduction to Psychology (JumpCourse)
    • ACPE-0076 Introduction to Psychology (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0077 Intro to Psychology (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0058 Aging and Society (Ed4Online)
    • ACPE-0080 Introduction to Sociology (Straighterline)
    • ACPE-0052 American Government (JumpCourse)
    • ACPE-0053 American Government (Pearson)
    • ACPE-0071 Introduction to Comparative Politics (Saylor)
    • ACPE-0072 American Government (Straighterline)

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