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 When you lack good health, everything else in life suffers. It’s harder to concentrate and study. Illness can cause you to fall behind in coursework. Stress can make you feel overwhelmed. If you want to do well in all areas of your life, you must make your health a priority.

In the 2020 Social Progress Index, which measures quality of life across the globe using 50 well-being metrics, Americans rated themselves worse off now than they were 10 years ago. This data was collected before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which has only increased the nation’s need to live healthier, more balanced lives.

As we prepare to enter a new year, you may be considering spending more time working on health and wellness. You don’t necessarily need an expensive gym membership or a diet plan to improve your health. You can get solid health and wellness tips from authoritative blogs. The following are some of the top wellness blogs in areas of fitness, nutrition, and mental health.


1. ACE Insights Blog

The American Council on Exercise’s blog has fitness articles on a variety of topics such as yoga, strength training, and exercises for beginners. Articles are backed by guidelines and recommendations from the American Council on Exercise.

2. The Art of Healthy Living

The Art of Healthy Living offers fitness articles related to subjects such as exercise supplements and high-intensity interval training. It also covers food and nutrition topics and general health and well-being trends.

3. Nerd Fitness

This blog serves up health and fitness advice from a self-described “full-time team of 25 supportive nerds (and a massive worldwide community).” Besides a fun and engaging blog, Nerd Fitness offers an online coaching program, at-home workouts, and free resources.

4. MyFitnessPal Blog

This is the blog of nutrition tracking app MyFitnessPal. Get healthy recipes, nutrition advice, weight loss tips, fitness inspiration, and more.

5. Shape

The website for fitness magazine Shape has tons of free articles, including step-by-step workouts, nutrition advice, and mental health insights. There are also weight-loss tips and plans and videos.

6. Well + Good

Well + Good is a wellness blog with articles on fitness, nutrition, beauty, and more. The journalism-based fitness site features interviews with fitness experts, practical fitness tips, and videos to walk blog readers through workouts.


7. Bites of Wellness

Bites of Wellness founder Samantha Rowland is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness chef. Her site contains recipes for those with various diets, including gluten free, low carb, and dairy free. The site also contains workouts and wellness insights, such as how sleep relates to weight loss.

8. Eating Bird Food

Brittany Mullins, a holistic nutritionist, runs this site and shares healthy recipe creations focused on whole foods. She also features articles on wellness and workouts.

9. Health Magazine

Health magazine’s nutrition section offers nutritionist-researched articles on foods, diets, and nutrition trends. Find the health benefits of certain ingredients, learn about the benefits and pitfalls of various diets, and get tips for eating healthy.

10. Healthline Nutrition

Healthline’s nutrition blog features daily research-based articles on nutrition and weight loss. Learn about foods you should eat more of, foods to avoid, and the scientific reasoning behind everything the site teaches you.

11. Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition Stripped is a website founded by Registered Dietitian McKel Kooienga. She shares articles on trending nutrition topics using science to teach readers about popular food subjects and diet habits.

12. Oh She Glows

The Oh She Glows blog features vegan recipes, most of which are also free of gluten, soy, and processed food. Recipes are accompanied by Founder and Cookbook Author Angela Liddon’s inspirations and insights.

13. Time Nutrition

Time magazine’s nutrition site has journalism-based articles featuring interviews with nutrition experts on trending nutrition topics. Visit the site for food news and research.

Health News and General Wellness

14. Calm

The Calm blog comes from the relaxation app of the same name. Find news regarding meditation research plus tips on how to cultivate mindfulness and practice meditation.

15. DailyOM

The Inspirations section on the DailyOM website is full of wisdom designed to boost mental and spiritual health. Bite-size articles provide daily encouragement and thought-provoking passages to embrace mindfulness and a deeper sense of interconnectedness.

16. HealthyPlace

The HealthyPlace site has dozens of mental health blogs dedicated to specific mental health issues. These include ADHD, bipolar disorder, binge eating, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.

17. Mellowed

Mellowed is a website designed to help users decrease stress in their lives. The site’s “Health & Wellness” section features articles on topics ranging from improving sleep to boosting brain health to naturally lowering blood pressure.

18. National Alliance on Mental Health

This national organization offers mental health support and resources, including this blog. It reflects current events, such as COVID-19, trauma, and racism and how they shape our mental health. 

19. Sleep Junkies

High-quality sleep is essential to relieve stress and improve mental health. Sleep Junkies teaches users how to improve sleep with research-backed articles and insights on how other wellness issues, such as anxiety, interact with sleep.

20. Student Minds

Student Minds is a blog for and written by university students covering a variety of mental health issues, including eating disorders, depression, and substance-use disorder. The blog has practical tips and unique voices throughout.

21. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha’s mission is to provide “simple wisdom for complex lives.” The website covers mental health topics such as love and relationships, meaning and passion, and health habits.

22. NPR Shots

This is the blog for health stories produced by the NPR Science Desk. The “Shots” section publishes the latest news on health, research, and medical treatments, as well as articles on how policy shapes our health.

23. Well—The New York Times

The “Well” section of The New York Times features articles in five categories: eat, move, mind, family, and live. You’ll also find “Ask Well,” a collection of Q&As between readers and medical experts.

24. Harvard Health Blog

Harvard Health Blog publishes medical news, viewpoints, and articles across a wide variety of topics. The blog covers such areas as exercise and fitness, pain management, healthy eating, mental health, mind-body medicine, relationships, heart health, and children’s, men’s, and women’s health.

25. Mayo Clinic Connect

Mayo Clinic Connect is an online community where you can share your experiences and find support from people experiencing the same health challenges as you. There are moderated groups in more than 50 categories. You can also read articles by Mayo Clinic health experts.

Discover More Wellness Insights for College Students

At Purdue Global, we are committed to promoting health and wellness to all students, so they’re prepared with the tools to have a successful school journey and a more fulfilling life. These are some of the top health blogs to follow, but be sure you also visit our Student Life blog for more advice on health and wellness, time management, and work-school-life balance. If you’re interested in learning how our online college programs can help you meet your career goals, reach out to us today.

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