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According to the Postsecondary National Policy Institute (PNPI), students who identify as LGBTQ+ comprise an estimated 10% of the college population—approximately 2.5 million people. As their numbers grow, these students have unique needs to encourage them to continue and finish their education.

LGBTQ+ students face complicated challenges, such as:

  • Gender discrimination
  • Food insecurity
  • Racial discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Suicide ideation

Here are some helpful resources for LGBTQ+ college students, their friends, families, allies, and anyone else who wishes to learn more.

Academic Resources

  1. Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity — An international social fraternity for openly queer men and nonbinary college students. It offers a social environment and structure similar to other Greek-model college fraternities.
  2. Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority — An all-inclusive social sorority originally established as a social support system for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and alternative-lifestyle students. It now identifies as an LGBTQIA+ community group.
  3. Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals — This group offers support to LGBTQ people working in higher education.
  4. Reaching Out MBA — This group is for the LGBTQ+ MBA community. Its mission is to increase the community’s influence in business through education and support.
  5. The Gender & Sexuality Action Committee — This group from the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) focuses on ensuring equal access to medical education and medical care.

Health Resources

  1. Anxiety & Depression Association of America — This site offers mental health aid for the LGBTQ+ community. Its mission is to help the community receive relevant care and resources.
  2. Association of LGBTQ+ Psychiatrists — This organization gathers psychiatrists to advocate and educate on LGBTQ mental health issues.
  3. FOLX Health — This health service provides a variety of care for LGBTQ+ people. It offers virtual health care and discreetly delivers pharmaceuticals such as estrogen and testosterone.
  4. Gay and Lesbian Medical Association — This national organization focuses on health equity for the LGBTQ community.
  5. National Coalition for LGBTQ Health — This group offers advocacy, education, and research about health for the LGBTQ+ community.
  6. Rainbow Health — This organization serves those in the LGBTQ+ community living with HIV and others seeking equitable health care. It also educates health care providers and policymakers about the community’s needs.
  7. The Jed Foundation — This mental health resource helps with emotional health, coping challenges, and support. It actively addresses suicide in the community.

Health Resources for LGBTQ+ People of Color

  1. Therapy for Queer People of Color — This site gathers professional counselors, psychologists, social workers, and more to provide health care to queer and trans people of color. It also includes directories to find nearby service providers.
  2. LGBTQ Psychotherapists of Color — Also called QPOC, this San Francisco-based group provides community-building, leadership development, networking, and support for LGBTQ people of color in counseling, psychology, and social work.
  3. Live Another Day — This group focuses on addiction and mental health resources, providing lists of providers and resources. It has specific resources listed for QTBIPOC people.
  4. Rest for Resistance — This self-described QTPoC resource promotes health care and social support. Articles center on healing, care, and other issues.

Community Support

  1. ACLU — The American Civil Liberties Union supports LGBTQ rights. The ACLU is working to provide services and protect the community.
  2. Human Rights Campaign — This is a collection of 3 million members and supporters of LGBTQ+ people. The group provides education and advances legislation for the community.
  3. The Trevor Project — This organization addresses suicide among LGBTQ young people. It offers services and counseling to the community.
  4. Trans Lifeline — This group offers trans peer support for the community. It also offers emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis.

Scholarships and Grants

  1. Flagship Scholarship — This scholarship is for LGBTQ students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees at accredited U.S. colleges.
  2. Gamma Mu Scholarships — The Gamma Mu Foundation seeks to provide funds to organizations in rural or underserved areas with LGBT populations.
  3. League Foundation LGBT Scholarships — This organization offers several scholarships to LGBTQ+ graduating high school students entering their first year of college.
  4. National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals — This group offers scholarships to LGBTQ+ students pursuing careers in STEM fields.
  5. NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists — This group offers a number of scholarships to members of the community.
  6. PFLAG Scholarships — PFLAG offers advocacy, education, and advocacy to LGBTQ+ people and their families. This is a list of some scholarships offered by PFLAG chapters.
  7. Roy Scrivner Research Grants — This research grant is for LGBT graduate students focusing on family psychology and therapy.
  8. Stonewall Community Foundation — This organization provides scholarships and grants to the LGBTQ community and rights movement.
  9. The Point Foundation — This is the largest nonprofit organization granting scholarships to LGBTQ students. The foundation also offers support and mentorship opportunities.

Support Services

  1. Gay & Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) — This group includes sports and human rights organizations worldwide. It represents athletes, sports teams, and clubs.
  2. Matthew Shepard Foundation — Founded in memory of Matthew Shepard, this group targets hate crimes and provides support for LGBTQ people.
  3. Modern Military Association of America — This group offers advocacy, education, and support for LGBTQ+ service members, spouses, family, veterans, caregivers, and more.
  4. National Resource Center on LGBTQ+ Aging — This organization provides services and support to LGBTQ+ people who are aging. Information is also available for their family and caregivers.
  5. TransYouth Family Allies — This group offers resources for transgender children and their families.
  6. CenterLink — This organization offers leadership training, networking opportunities, and technical assistance for LGBTQ community centers.

Support Services for Allies, Friends, and Families

  1. Campus Pride — This group is for student leaders and campus groups working to create a safer college environment for LGBT students.
  2. GLAAD — This group works with the media to ensure accurate, fair, and inclusive representation for LGBTQ people.
  3. GLSEN — Primarily organized as a resource for K-12 students. GLSEN also provides services and resources to educators and educator advocates.
  4. National Center for Transgender Equality — This group advocates policies to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people.
  5. National LGBTQ Task Force — This group works to end discrimination for LGBTQ people in employment, health care, housing, retirement, and more areas.

Support Services for LGBTQ+ People of Color

  1. Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement — This group advocates for trans, queer, and gender nonconforming Latinx people.
  2. Two Spirit Societies — This is a list of Two Spirit groups that service Native Americans. Links lead to local groups that can help those who identify as Two Spirit.
  3. Call BlackLine — A place for affirming, counseling, and supporting LGBTQ+. Priority given to BIPOC people.
  4. DeQH — This is a national support resource for South Asian LGBTQ+ people. The group offers a collection of resources for this community.

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