Military Degrees and Programs

Purdue Global has a long tradition of supporting those who serve, U.S. veterans, and military families. We understand the demands placed on these deserving students and offer military programs focused on ensuring they get the most out of their education.

Through Purdue Global’s PME2DegreeTM program, our average military graduate is awarded 55% of credit needed for an associate’s degree and approximately 35% for a bachelor’s degree.* The results are significant, and a game changer for servicemembers at all skill levels.

Military and veteran students

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Military

According to a Department of Defense report, the average time to earn an associate’s degree is 7 years for a military member. We value and support our military and veteran students, which is why Purdue Global’s military education programs are designed to reduce the amount of time needed to earn a degree because of the significant training and skills servicemembers already have.

Occupations across all services have now been included in our PME2DegreeTM program. Learn more about the program.

Purdue Global also participates in Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and Air University programs designed to simplify and speed up the process of earning your undergraduate degree. The General Education Mobile (GEM) program helps you make progress toward your associate’s degree. Our partnership with the Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) helps shorten your path to a bachelor’s degree.

Purdue Global has evaluated various military occupations and mapped them to specific degree programs, which ensures your training transfers to Purdue Global as college credit. Please note that you are not limited to these military program options. Even if your occupation is not listed, your training may still be eligible for credit. All military transcripts will be evaluated for credit awards. Please note the credit awards listed below do not include transfer credit.

MOS/NEC  Maximum Credit Awarded
for Occupational Training
 Program Service Level Required for
Maximum Reward
11B, 11C 40  AAS in Business Administration 30+
11B, 11C 50  AAS in Criminal Justice 30+
13B, 13T 45 AAS in Business Administration 30+
13M, 13P 40 AAS in Business Administration 40+
19D, 19K 40  AAS in Business Administration 30+
19D, 19K 50  AAS in Criminal Justice 30+
19D, 19K 25 AAS in Public Safety & Security 10+
25B, 25W 60 AAS in Information Technology 40+
25N, 25S 67 AAS in Information Technology 50+
25N, 25S 38 BS in Cybersecurity 10+
31B 40 AAS in Public Safety & Security 10+
31B 40 AAS in Criminal Justice 10+
31B 40 BS in Criminal Justice 10+
42A/75B 40 AAS in Business Administration 30+
68A, 68P, 68Q, 68W  65 AS in Health Science 10+
74D 15 AAS in Fire Science 10+
74D 32 BS in Fire Science 10+
74D 47 BS in Fire and Emergency Management 20+
79R, 79T 45 AAS in Business Administration 40+
79R 74 BS in Business Administration 40+
79T 81 BS in Business Administration 50+
92A, 92Y 40 AAS in Business Administration 30+
Multiple MOS 50 BS in Liberal Studies Varies
Coast Guard Occupations Varies AAS in Public Safety and Security Varies
Coast Guard Occupations Varies BS in Liberal Studies Varies

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Program availability varies by location and delivery method. Onsite course scheduling decisions are at the discretion of the campus and some courses are only available online.

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*Source: The Year in Review: 2016–2017, Kaplan University Academic Report, winter 2017. Note: These data were reported prior to the March 2018 purchase of Kaplan University by Purdue University and subsequent creation of Purdue University Global.

Source: Voluntary Education Program Readiness (Force Education & Training), United States Department of Defense, on the Internet at