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Recruit high-potential health care employees by offering the benefits that matter most to them.


Provide a path for career advancement, increase loyalty, and promote from within.


Build a highly engaged and aligned workforce and save costs on recruitment.

Maximize Your Return on Educational Investment

Purdue Global provides customized medical assistant education programs for health care organizations. Your employees can leverage their knowledge and experience to accelerate program completion, saving time and lowering costs.*


Employees complete our medical assistant training program in 6 months, versus the standard 15 months.


The broad curriculum prepares employees with in-demand patient care and administrative skills.


We quickly map employees’ existing knowledge and training to our programs. They graduate faster, and you make the most of your investment.

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Medical Assisting News and Insights

  • Case Study
    Creating a Customized and Expedited Medical Assisting Training Program

    Faced with a severe talent shortage, Gundersen Health System urgently needed trained medical assistants. The University customized an intensive training program—in 6 months, 93% of employees completed the program and moved into medical assistant positions.

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  • Ebook
    Health Care Reform and Its Effects on Hiring, Retention, and Pay

    Download the ebook to get an in-depth look at the strategies health care organizations can use to combat the shortage of health care workers. Learn more about hiring, retention, and recruitment tactics that help employers compete for quality workers.

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  • Webinar
    How Purdue Global Is Tackling Health Care Talent Shortages

    This webinar provides an in-depth look into how Purdue Global offers customized medical assistant education programs for health care organizations. From forecasting health care trends to breaking down statistics and challenges, learn the ways employees can leverage their knowledge and experience.

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Medical assistant is one of the top 10 occupations projected to add the most new jobs from 2019 to 2029.§ Prepare your employees to fill these critical positions—in just 30 weeks.

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*Purdue Global does not guarantee transferability of credit from any of these sources. See the University Catalog for the Prior Learning Assessment policy.

Completion time based on cohort program sequencing and enrollment in dedicated cohort course sections. Program will take longer for individuals who fail and need to retake a course.

§Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Medical Assistants, on the Internet; and Most New Jobs, National long-term projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.