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There is hardly any aspect of modern life that isn’t affected by the current problems facing the environment. As we learn more about how human behavior is harming the planet, we’re creating new ways to educate, reflect, and innovate. This resource center features 45 noteworthy resources on sustainability.

Green Living

1. Zero Waste Home

This site offers resources on sustainable products, event schedules, and a free bulk finder to access package-free locations. Zero Waste Home is recognized as a reputable, trusted resource by publications such as the BBC, CBS, and The New York Times.

2. Inhabitat

A lifestyle site with a focus on green design, Inhabitat focuses mostly on environmental and design news and tips. They subscribe to a modernist ideology that form and function should be an important part of design, and sustainability is at the crux of that. Get green living news and tips here.

3. Earth Easy

This comprehensive site covers everything from green gardening to off-the-grid preparedness. They specialize in an eco-friendly approach to sustainable living and have an ecommerce store where they offer a variety of products.

4. Earth 911

Earth 911 is a comprehensive site boasting both a green living blog and an interactive forum. The site is well categorized, making it easily searchable for specific topics. Get tips, news and updates, or ask questions in the forum to get feedback from the community.

5. Mother Nature Network

MNN is a network of sites from 200 countries, categorized by topics such as earth matters, food and drink, and health. With a focus on family and ways the individual can make an impact, this network is a highly touted resource for sustainability issues.

6. Going Zero Waste

This blog boasts an active community invested in living a sustainable life by eliminating waste. The brainchild of an environmental activist, this site is a great way to get started with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

7. Get Green Be Well

Founded by green living expert Kimberly Button, this site features tips for living in an earth-friendly, toxin-free way. The site also includes a section for “Free and Cheap Green Living.”

8. Eco Friend

Eco Friend is a comprehensive group of sites with a community forum. From transportation to food, they explore the ways we can all be more sustainable in our everyday lives. The sites are great for eco-friendly tech news as well.

9. The Pistachio Project

Founded by a mom of five who wanted to go green for her children, this site features wonderful sections on homesteading, green cleaning, natural health and beauty, natural parenting, and homeschooling—and great recipes.

10. Recycle Coach

Can you recycle that? Check out this site for all the answers. Recycle Coach aims to make recycling easy for everyone. There’s also an app.

11. Big Blog of Gardening

On this blog, you’ll find expert advice about organic gardening, landscaping, composting, food prep, and all-natural fertilizers and pesticides.


This site from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency gives you information and energy ratings for energy-efficient products and homes, as well as ways to save money on energy at home.

Climate Change and Environmental Protection News

13. Columbia University - Teachers College Initiative for Sustainable Futures

The Teachers College Initiative for Sustainable Futures at Columbia University promotes awareness, education, and skills to work toward long-term sustainability, both individually and collectively. They conduct research, form and engage in research-practice partnerships, and aim to influence policy and practice.

14. Grist

This site on climate, justice, and science has an excellent blog on sustainability. It’s frequently updated and is a reputable source for news and tips.

15. Green Blog

A property of the UC Division of Agriculture and National Resources, this sustainability site is a news source for wildfires, climate change, and other considerations. Updated frequently, it’s a consistent resource.

16. Planet Policy

This Brookings Institution site is a public resource on the intersection of energy and climate policy. They cover both national and global topics and boast renowned experts on everything from water to infrastructure.

17. UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN is recognized as a leading authority in sustainable development, and their section on Goal 13, “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts,” is a great place to find official reports and analysis.

18. Environmental Working Group News and Analysis

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a great site dedicated to sustainability issues that affect climate change. Get the latest from their staff of experts to “know your environment and protect your health.”

19. Environmental Health News (EHN)

A nonprofit publication of Environmental Health Sciences, EHN is focused on science in policy. Their blog is a great resource for independent reporting on sustainability issues nationwide.

20. Climate From the Aspen Institute

This section of The Aspen Institute’s blog covers everything about climate. From breaking news to coming events, you can stay up to date on climate change.

21. Treehugger

This media outlet has been reporting on sustainability for almost 15 years. Covering topics from technology to transportation to design, Treehugger is a leading source for green news and solutions.

22. NRDC Expert Blog

The Natural Resources Defense Council wants to safeguard the earth, and their expert blog on climate and sustainability records their efforts to do just that. Their team of experts in policy and science are a great resource on what’s happening and what’s to come in sustainability.

Energy and Technology

23. CleanTechnica

This renowned site focuses on solar power, wind power, hydropower, energy efficiency, energy storage, and clean transport, as well as climate change and nuclear power.

24. Envirotec

Based out of the U.K., Envirotec magazine covers the global environmental technology and services industry. They provide news and feature stories that help readers understand the wider context behind the content.


WIRED is one of the foremost sites that examines the intersection of tech, culture, business, and science, and the section of their site tagged “clean tech” has some of the web’s most forward-thinking commentary on the subject.

26. ScienceDaily

ScienceDaily features news about everything science-related, from computers and math to astronomy and artificial intelligence. The section of the site devoted to energy technology news is where you’ll find the latest scientific discoveries and commentary in clean tech.

27. CleanTech Group

The blog of this research and consultancy group provides thought leadership on the topic of a more digitized, decarbonized, and resource-efficient industrial future.

Sustainability in Business and Government

28. Office of Federal Sustainability Resources and Guidance for Federal Agencies

While specific to federal agencies, the sources here are a snapshot of wider issues. They archive everything, and it’s all available to the public. See how sustainability has changed over the years.

29. The Materials Management Wizard (MWiz)

Hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the MWiz offers quick links as well as an explore option. All materials are EPA-sourced and are “designed to support and promote sustainable materials management and community planning decisions.”

30. The Green Infrastructure Wiz (GIWiz)

The cleverly named GIWiz is another EPA-hosted database with quick links and a search feature. The Offices of Research and Development, Policy, and Water collaborate to publish this catalog.

31. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Sustainability Resources

The FTA hosts a page of resources covering transportation issues including guidelines, industry standards, and other data. Accessible to the public, it’s a great quick-look source.

32. Sustainable Sources

This site dedicated to Green building is a comprehensive resource for information on sustainable materials, building codes, government programs, and more. This 25-year-old organization is involved with everything from case studies to outside publications to local initiatives.

33. The Balance - Sustainable Businesses

This 7,000-piece digital library dedicates a section of their site to sustainable businesses, including news, tips, and reports. It boasts a great user interface and search feature.

Sustainability Careers

34. Environmental Science—Sustainability

Especially helpful for those looking to build a career in environmental science, this nonprofit site is a reliable advocate for all things related to sustainability. Thoroughly sourced and detailed, their reporting is some of the most repeatable in the industry.

35. Ecological Society of America

Founded in 1915, this esteemed professional association is for ecologists and those who aspire to work in the field. This nonprofit group works to raise public awareness and improve communication between ecologists and policy makers.

36. Soil and Water Conservation Society

For those working in natural resource conservation—or those aiming for a career in this field—the Soil and Water Conservation Society publishes research, policy, and perspectives on the topic.

Sustainability and the Arts

37. The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

This nonprofit is a think tank for sustainability in arts and culture. They provide resources for artists who consider issues of sustainability in their artistic work.

38. Artists and Climate Change

Artists and Climate Change is a blog that tracks artistic works from all disciplines regarding climate change.

39. Superhero Clubhouse

This New York City-based group unites ecology and the theatre, providing original performances, public workshops, and community education and empowerment.

40. Arts, the Environment, and Sustainability

This is an excerpt from the book, Arts & America: Arts, Culture, and the Future of America’s Communities. It’s an impressive thought leadership piece that looks at the role of the arts in issues of the environment and sustainability.

41. Funding at the Intersection of Art and Environment: A Field Scan

This study from Grantmakers in the Arts examines arts funding for work related to the environment and sustainability.


42. Green Global Travel

Founded by a professional journalist and a professional photographer, Bret Love and Mary Gabbett, this blog teaches readers how to be responsible travelers who don’t disrupt natural habitats. The site features breathtaking images and destination recommendations.

43. Charlie on Travel

Charlie is a green travel blogger from the U.K. She blogs about eco-friendly accommodations, community tourism, eating local and vegetarian, sustainability, and living like the locals.

44. Verdemode

Verdemode features green living and design tips, but it stands out for its ecotourism content—environmentally responsible cruises, ecotours and cycling adventures, plus camping, ecolodges, farm stays, hostels, hotels, and even eco-friendly luxury rentals and spas.

45. Soul Travel

Ellie and Ravi, a British-Indian couple, write about mindful travel, sustainability, and ecotourism. Their goal is to “make the world a better place through sustainable, positive-impact tourism.”

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