September 24, 2018  |  Purdue Global

Life is likely way busier than it’s ever been for you, and researchers are increasingly finding that the traditional methods of studying are counterproductive to truly learning the material and performing well on tests.

Cramming late into the night, for example, may not always be a good idea, according to research from UCLA. Researchers found that sacrificing sleep leads to more academic problems, not fewer. And, while cramming might help you pass the test, it won't help you remember information in the long run.

The BBC reported that spaced out studying was more effective than cramming for 90% of students, concluding, “Cramming doesn’t work.”

So, what’s a busy college student to do?

We unearthed some interesting and colorful study hacks and put them in this infographic. Use these techniques to jog your brain, boost your focus, and recall information quicker.

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12 Unusual Study Hacks for College Students infographic

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