Indiana Community College Transfer Pathways

Apply 100% of the required credits for your Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP) associate's degree toward an approved bachelor's degree online at Purdue Global.

Transfer Your Entire Associate's Degree Through the Indiana TSAP Program

The Indiana TSAP is among the most rewarding transfer programs at Purdue Global, offering students in eligible associate’s degree programs customized articulation pathways to approved bachelor’s degrees. Graduate sooner and save on tuition.

Customized Credit Transfer

Your eligible associate’s degree earns you a custom credit evaluation, including fulfillment of most, if not all, of your required lower-level major courses.

Seamless Transfer to a Bachelor's Program

The Indiana TSAP ensures a smooth transition between your eligible associate’s degree and an approved bachelor’s degree at Purdue Global.

See Notes and Conditions for important information.

Indiana TSAP and Purdue Global Program Alignment

Approved Bachelor’s Degree Pathways for Qualifying Associate’s Degrees

ITCC=Ivy Tech Community College; VU=Vincennes University

TSAP Area Qualifying Associate’s Degree Programs Approved Purdue Global Bachelor’s Degree Pathways
Business Administration ITCC: AS in Business Administration TSAP
VU: AS (Transfer) in Business Administration
BS in Accounting
BS in Business Administration
BS in Finance
BS in Organizational Management
Computer Science ITCC: AS in Computer Science TSAP
VU: AS (Transfer) in Computer Science
VU: AS (Transfer) in Information Technology
BS in Analytics (Computer Science)
ITCC: AS in Computer Science TSAP
VU: AS (Transfer) in Computer Science
VU: AS (Transfer) in Information Technology
BS in Information Technology (Computer Science)
Information Technology ITCC: AS in Informatics TSAP
VU: AS (Transfer) in Information Technology
BS in Analytics (IT Informatics)
BS in Information Technology (IT Informatics)
Criminal Justice ITCC: AS in Criminal Justice TSAP
VU: AS (Transfer) in Law Enforcement
BS in Criminal Justice
Nursing ITCC: AS in Nursing TSAP
VU: AS (Transfer) in Nursing
BS in Nursing (ExcelTrack®)
Human Services ITCC: AS in Human Services (Human Services) TSAP
ITCC: AS in Human Services (Social Work) TSAP
BS in Human Services
Psychology ITCC: AS in Psychology TSAP
VU: AA in Behavioral Sciences Psychology Concentration
BS in Psychology
BS in Psychology in Addictions
BS in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis
BS in Psychology in I/O Psychology

Universal TSAP

Don’t see your TSAP area or qualifying program listed above? Interested in a different bachelor’s degree pathway? Transfer your entire degree from any TSAP area via our Universal TSAP BS in Professional Studies degree pathway. A TSAP degree in any area can transfer fully into the BS in Professional Studies. Learn more here.

Why Choose Purdue Global for Your TSAP Bachelor's Degree?

Guaranteed Admission

No minimum GPA is required for TSAP associate’s degree graduates for most programs. Enroll immediately for your bachelor’s degree.

Meet General Education Requirements

TSAP associate’s degrees include Indiana College Core — so you don’t need to repeat those courses in your bachelor’s program.

In-State Tuition for Indiana Residents

Receive a 25% reduction on undergraduate tuition with resource fees waived (10% off graduate tuition and resource fees).

More Ways to Add Credits to Your Degree

A portion of your elective credits remain in place, so you can transfer in additional credits earned from eligible military or work experience, certifications, or exams.

Earn a 4-Year Degree in Just 2 Years

100% of the credits required for your associate’s degree feed directly into one of our approved bachelor’s programs.

World-Class Education With Online Flexibility

Study on your own schedule, without affecting your responsibilities on the job or at home.

See Notes and Conditions below for important information.

Ivy Tech Community College Students

Are you currently pursuing another type of associate’s degree at Ivy Tech? Beyond TSAP, Ivy Tech students have many additional pathways into a Purdue Global bachelor’s. We accept all Ivy Tech’s associate degrees, and your remaining credits depend on how your associate’s curriculum aligns with your Purdue Global bachelor’s. Get the credit you deserve for the work you’ve put in.

Start with Ivy Tech — finish with Purdue Global.

Ivy Tech Transfer Credit Pathways

See Notes and Conditions below for important information.


Credit for Prior Learning: Purdue Global does not guarantee transferability of credit. See the University Catalog for the Prior Learning policy.

Average Completion Time: Completion time based on a full-time schedule. Programs will take longer for part-time students to complete.

Employment and Career Advancement: Purdue Global does not guarantee employment placement or career advancement. Actual outcomes vary by geographic area, previous work experience and opportunities for employment.

TSAP Minimum GPA: Purdue Global’s BS in Nursing has GPA and licensure requirements that must be met for admission to the program.

Tuition Reduction: Contact an Admissions Advisor for details. May not be combined with other Purdue Global tuition reductions or ExcelTrack® pricing.