Credit for Exams and Course Assessments

Challenge Yourself. Earn Credit for What You Already Know.

Use the knowledge and skills that you already have to pass exams and earn college credit at Purdue Global.* You can complete a Course Assessment exam directly through Purdue Global or complete a standardized exam through approved organizations outside of the University.

Student Receiving Credit for Course Assessments

Purdue Global Course Assessments

Demonstrate proficiency in the learning outcomes of specific Purdue Global courses by passing a comprehensive assessment, which is similar to a college equivalency exam. Purdue Global course assessments, also known as "challenge exams" can be used to waive prerequisites, determine class placement, and earn college credit.

Undergraduate students can test out of a course and still earn credit by attaining a predetermined score on a course assessment. In addition, students enrolled in the following graduate programs may apply course assessment credit toward select courses:

Not all courses provide this option, and course assessments or their equivalent from other colleges or universities will not be accepted. A fee is charged for taking a course assessment. Official results of course assessments must be received by the Office of the Registrar prior to your final term.

Available Course Assessments

  • AB 104X: Personal Financial Management

    AB 116X: Accounting II

    AB 140X: Introduction to Management

  • AC 114X: Accounting I

  • CE 100X: Preparing for a Career in Early Childhood Development

  • CJ 100X: Preparing for a Career in Public Safety

    CJ 101X: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

    CJ 150X: Juvenile Delinquency

    CJ 526X: Academic and Professional Communications in Public Safety

  • CM 107X: College Composition I

    CM 206X: Interpersonal Communications

    CM 214X: Public Speaking for the Professional

    CM 220X: College Composition II

  • CS 113X: Academic Strategies for the Business Professional

    CS 204X: Professionalism - Theory and Practice in the Global Workplace

  • GB 512X: Business Communications

    GB 513X: Business Analytics

  • HS 100X: Introduction to Health Science

    HS 101X: Medical Law and Bioethics

    HS 111X: Medical Terminology

    HS 140X: Pharmacology

    HS 200X: Diseases of the Human Body

    HS 230X: Health Care Administration

    HS 410X: Organization and Management for Health Care

    HS 415X: Environmental Health

  • HU 250X: Humanities and Culture

  • IT 117X: Introduction to Web Design

    IT 133X: Microsoft Office Applications on Demand

    IT 153X: Spreadsheet Applications

    IT 163X: Database Management

    IT 190X: Foundations in Information Technology

    IT 213X:  Software Development Concepts

    IT 234X: Database Foundations

    IT 273X:  Network Concepts

    IT 275X: Linux System Administration

    IT 283X:  Networking with TCP/IP

    IT 286X: Introduction to Network Security

    IT 388X: Routing and Switching I

    IT 503X: Principles of Information Technology

    IT 504X: Critical Concepts and Competencies for the IT Professional

    IT 530X: Computer Networks

    IT 537X: Introduction to Cybersecurity

  • LS 100X: Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession

  • MM 150X: Survey of Mathematics

    MM 207X: Statistics

    MM 212X: College Algebra

  • MT 140X: Introduction to Management

  • PS 124X: Introduction to Psychology

  • SC 121X: Anatomy and Physiology I

    SC 131X: Anatomy and Physiology II

External Examinations

External exams offer another opportunity to earn credit for subjects you have mastered without having to take a course. External exams also test skills and knowledge acquired on the job, from life experience, and from military training. Purdue Global students may qualify for credit through the following:

  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Advanced Placement Program (AP)
  • DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST)
  • Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • Other eligible standardized exams

Credit may be awarded for each eligible test in which you meet the recommended minimum score as long as it meets your program’s guidelines and course outcomes. Official results of standardized tests must be received by the Office of the Registrar prior to your final term.

View additional information about some of the standardized exams most commonly submitted by Purdue Global students.


*Purdue Global does not guarantee transferability of credit from any of these sources. See the University Catalog for the Prior Learning Assessment policy.