Purdue Global Student Advisory Board

For more information about the Student Advisory Board, email governance@purdueglobal.edu.

The purpose of the Student Advisory Board is to provide a forum for student representatives to discuss academic related issues and to provide recommendations concerning such issues to the provost.

Benefits of Membership

    • Provides Purdue Global students a method for student body advocacy
    • Great resume item
    • Social interaction
    • Improve student experience
    • Educational development opportunity
    • Professional development opportunity
    • Positive student recognition
    • Increased student investment
    • Leadership opportunity

Governance Manual

The Academic Governance Manual is the guiding document for the academic governance of the University. The following content is reflected in the up-to-date manual.

Scope of Responsibility:

    • Review issues, policies, and/or procedures related to a quality student experience.
    • Provide recommendations regarding academic issues, policies, and procedures to the provost.


    • Students currently serving on other Purdue Global governance committees.
    • Additional students are appointed by the dean of each school and/or college for a 1-year term; students are given the option to self-nominate for dean consideration.
    • Student president, vice president, and secretary are elected by the committee for 1-year terms.

Kimberly Ord  Kimberly Ord, Student Advisory Board President

Kimberly Ord lives in the small rural town of Huntingdon in central Pennsylvania. She is pursuing her Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management degree. Her goal is to work in planning, mitigation, and public education within the emergency management field or to teach emergency management skills to others.

Outside of her academic career, Kimberly volunteers with her local emergency management agency and the American Red Cross to assist people during times of emergencies and disasters. These volunteer opportunities provide Kimberly with experience in the field while she works on her studies. She enjoys fishing, camping, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Jennifer Jeffries Jennifer Jeffries, Student Advisory Board Vice President

Jennifer Jeffries resides in North Central Indiana and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Health Science in Health Information Management. In May of 2021, she completed the Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program at Purdue University Global and obtained her National Medical Coding and Billing Certification (MCBC) through the American Medical Certification Association (AMCA). Upon graduation, she plans to complete her master’s degree at Purdue Global.

Jennifer is a full-time single mother and enjoys taking her son for walks, teaching him, and exploring new places. She is pursuing her education not only for herself, but also to set an example for her son that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Jennifer has expressed how honored she is to be a part of the Student Advisory Board and looks forward to helping implement positive changes for all Purdue Global students.

Stacie Gates Stacie Gates, Student Advisory Board Secretary

Stacie Gates lives in beautiful southern Oregon and is pursuing her bachelor’s in health care administration, with plans to graduate in September 2022.

Stacie currently works full time as an x-ray technologist. She started working in health care in 1989 and hopes to work in a supervisory role within a medical clinic.

Stacie has a busy household that includes two of her five adult children, as well as two of her granddaughters, who are living with her while going to school. Her hobbies include hiking, visiting the coast, camping, playing games with friends and family, gardening, and spending as much time as possible with her sister and children.

Stacie tends to be organized, detail-oriented, and enjoy administrative tasks. She also enjoys being in supportive and leadership roles.