Student Advisory Board

Purdue Global Student Advisory Board

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The purpose of the Student Advisory Board is to provide a forum for student representatives to discuss academic related issues and to provide recommendations concerning such issues to the Chief Academic Officer.

Benefits of Membership

  • Provides Purdue Global students a method for student body advocacy
  • Great resume item
  • Social interaction
  • Improve student experience
  • Educational development opportunity
  • Professional development opportunity
  • Positive student recognition
  • Increased student investment
  • Leadership opportunity

Melissa McNinch, Student Advisory Board President

Melissa completed her associate’s degree in human services in December 2016. While enrolled in Purdue University Global (formerly Kaplan University), she engaged in opportunities to expand her professional development and network with other students through programs outside of courses. She served as president of the Human Services Club for one year, where she was responsible for creating agendas, running the meetings, and organizing outside speakers. Currently, she is enrolled in Purdue Global working to earn a bachelor’s degree in human services. She is completing EL 206: Academic Prior Learning Portfolio and recommends students consider the benefits of this course.

Melissa is employed with a local rape crisis and domestic violence shelter. While working there, she initially served in the sexual assault program, providing crisis intervention and prevention education. She has extensive training in women’s issues, crisis intervention, acute trauma, and domestic/sexual assault, as well as many years’ experience working with diverse populations.

Melissa is also a volunteer of the Illinois Department of Corrections and works with offenders through programs focused on reducing recidivism, including Lifestyle Redirection and a re-entry program.

She currently works as a school counselor for two community schools, providing a continuum of supportive services for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. She has created a character education program and leadership program and has implemented it within both schools.

Student Advisory Board: James Goulding

James Goulding, Student Advisory Board Vice President

James Goulding, or Jim, has worked in the commercial aviation industry for over 20 years and is currently working full time as an airline fueler at the Portland Jetport in Portland, Maine. His lifelong enjoyment and passion for the aviation industry are usually the backdrop for his discussion posts and essays. Jim is currently earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, which he intends to apply toward the aviation field.

His goal as a member of the Student Advisory Board is to encourage more student-led service projects that enhance the Purdue Global learning experience while helping the neediest members of society. Jim became excited when his marketing professor said their class would be assisting a local charity with their marketing efforts.

As a member of Purdue Global Maine’s team, James competed against 12 other colleges in Maine’s Student Water Challenge, a collaborative project in which groups attempt to solve a water problem. James shared, “We didn’t win, but we learned how to work in a group for a common goal; great educational experience."

Student Advisory Board: Megan Allen

Megan Allen, Student Advisory Board Secretary

Megan Allen, from Greensboro, North Carolina, is studying for her Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management. Her hope is to go on to earn her master’s degree.

Megan loves to help people and see them succeed in their professional and personal lives. She goes the extra mile to lend a helping hand where needed.
In her spare time, she loves to collect anything related to Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn, and you can probably find her in her local comic book shop catching up on the newest comics or playing video games.

Governance Manual

The Academic Governance Manual is the guiding document for the academic governance of the University. The following content is reflected in the up-to-date manual.

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Review issues, policies, and/or procedures related to the academic quality of the University.
  • Provide recommendations regarding academic issues, policies, and procedures to the chief academic officer.


  • Students currently serving on other Purdue Global governance committees.
  • Additional students are appointed by the Dean of each school for a 1-year term. Students are given the option to self-nominate for Dean consideration.
  • One student representative from each campus and learning center appointed by the senior vice president of campuses/learning centers for a 1-year term.