Understanding Your Educational Investment and Military Funding Options/Benefits

As you explore continuing your education at Purdue Global, it is important that you are aware of the numerous military benefits available to you as an active duty servicemember, veteran, military spouse, or other military family member, as well as what your educational investment at the University would look like and other key information about Purdue Global.

1. Total Cost of Your Program

In addition to more specific academic year information provided by the Student Finance Office, you can find your estimated total cost for the entire program by visiting the Tuition and Financial Aid page and utilizing the “Graduation Date and Tuition Calculator” tool.

2. Estimate of Costs for Living Expenses

You will receive an estimated cost for books and supplies on an academic-year basis. Please thoroughly review fees such as books and educational materials found on the Tuition and Fees page. Students’ personal costs will vary based on individual necessities such as computers, internet access, and transportation to any required clinical or externship site. The availability of financial aid to help cover these costs is dependent on multiple factors, and a Student Finance Coordinator is available to discuss options by calling 866-458-2008.

3. Availability of Educational Assistance From Military Assistance Programs

Please review the information on the Military Education Benefits page and speak to a Military Admissions Advisor or Student Finance Coordinator with questions about your personal situation.

4. Other Federal Financial Aid

All options for which you may be eligible can be found on the Financial Aid Resources page.

5. Estimate of Student Loan Debt

Due to the variety of student loans available and the variability of interest rates, you may visit the Federal Student Aid loan simulator website: https://studentaid.gov/loan-simulator/. Loan simulators will help you calculate what you can expect to pay back over time at different interest rates. Your Master Promissory Note (MPN) will also contain information about how interest impacts your loan payments in the future.

6. Purdue Global Graduation Rates

Download the latest graduation rate data.

7. Transfer Credits

Purdue Global accepts prior college coursework and military coursework in accordance with its policies detailed in the Prior Learning Assessment section of the Universtiy Catalog. You may also visit the Transfer Students page for more information.

8. Professional Licensure

Students interested in programs that lead to a professional license regulated by their state or other local governing board must review programmatic disclaimers in the Purdue Global catalog and any other professional licensing disclaimers provided during the enrollment period. Please review the Certification, State Board, and National Board Exams Policy Information in the University Catalog and refer to your chosen program’s requirements for more guidance.

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