Purdue Global Locations

Purdue Global maintains several regional locations nationwide. If you live near one of them, you can choose from two ways to access support—either by reaching out online or by visiting a Purdue Global location in person. Our locations often offer study resources and community activities. For more information, call or chat online, or visit the Purdue Global location near you.

Purdue Global Indiana Location

Purdue Global Indiana

Indiana, home to both Purdue Global and Purdue University, has set a goal for 60% of the state’s workforce to have education or training beyond high school by 2025. Employers need educated, experienced employees who can hit the ground running. Purdue Global–Indianapolis graduates are prepared to step up and meet the demands and challenges of business.

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Indiana Map
  • Indianapolis, IN
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Purdue Global Midwest Locations

Purdue Global Midwest

Purdue Global provides quality online higher education that’s tailored to the needs of working adults in the Midwest. Several states in the region have set goals to significantly increase the education levels of their workforce beyond high school by 2025. Purdue Global is committed to helping them meet these goals by making higher education accessible and affordable.

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Midwest Map
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Lincoln, NE
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Purdue Global Northeast Location

Image of riverside city in Maine

Purdue Global’s location in Augusta, Maine, provides students with greater access to affordable higher education. This aligns with the state’s goal for 60% of its workforce to have education or training beyond high school by the year 2025. We also partner with organizations across New England to ensure that our programs prepare graduates with the skills and knowledge to meet local employment demands.

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Northeast Map
  • Augusta, ME
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