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On April 27, 2017, Purdue University announced that it would acquire Kaplan University and create a new institution, which is now Purdue University Global. Since that time, many alumni have asked how to refer to the institution on their resume. It's actually pretty simple.

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If you graduated before April 27, 2017 (the date the acquisition was announced), you graduated from Kaplan University and should still refer to it that way on your resume and other official documents. Employers will be able to validate your degree with Purdue Global. If you were to list Purdue Global and a date earlier than when the acquisition was announced, you could confuse employers and might hinder your job application.

Please list: Kaplan University, the title of your degree, and the graduation month and year. (No city or state is necessary.) If you want to mention the acquisition, you could add it in after the graduation date.

Example: Kaplan University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, July 2011 (Acquired by Purdue University in 2017)

If you graduated after April 27, 2017, please list: Purdue University Global, the title of your degree, and the graduation month and year.

Example: Purdue University Global, Bachelor of Science in Communication, April 2018

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