Michael Lorenz

Michael Lorenz is the vice president of strategy and academic operations for Purdue Global, and he also serves as the university registrar. He works to inform and guide university strategy and then to organize and deploy university resources in furtherance of that strategy. As registrar, he has oversight and responsibility for the Office of the Registrar and the Center for Prior Learning. Far from being unrelated to strategy or operations, these departments are core to our ability to fulfill our mission and represent an engine for positive change.

Lorenz joined Purdue Global in 2004, and he has held leadership positions in various other areas, including academic advising, student coaching, and career services.

Lorenz has had experience in various institutions of education. He was briefly, but happily, a high school Latin teacher. He earned his bachelor's degree in classical studies from Knox College and a master’s degree in the same from Indiana University.

Contact Info: MLorenz@purdueglobal.edu

Mike Lorenz Headshot