Jody DeKorte

Dr. Jody DeKorte

Dr. Jody DeKorte is the dean of the School of General Education. Dr. DeKorte oversees close to 900 faculty, staff, and administrators across 6 academic departments and 3 academic support centers. The School of General Education provides instruction in composition, mathematics, social science, science, humanities, and student success.

Dr. DeKorte holds a PhD in education and human resource studies, with an emphasis in college leadership, along with a master’s degree in mathematics. Prior to joining Purdue Global, Dr. DeKorte served as mathematics department chair at Front Range Community College (Longmont, CO) and the Weld County School District (Gilcrest, CO).

In 2005, Dr. DeKorte came to Purdue Global (formerly Kaplan University) as a part-time faculty member in the Department of Mathematics, becoming department chair in 2007. As chair of the department, Dr. DeKorte helped oversee its growth from just under 60 faculty to approximately 200 faculty. She fostered the expansion of its curriculum and was a critical partner in the integration of MyMathLab.

Dr. DeKorte served as the first chair of the Mathematics General Education Literacy Group, helping to develop the mathematics general education literacies. She also worked with the Center for Teaching and Learning to develop a mentoring program for new incoming chairs, assistant chairs, and other administrators. She has worked hard to promote the School of General Education and the Department of Mathematics throughout the University, in activities such as Pi Day, open houses for advisors, and the annual General Education Conference for which she served as chair of the logistics team in 2011.