Purdue Global Facts About Indiana Students

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View our infographic below to review facts and statistics about Purdue Global students in Indiana.

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Infographic depicting Purdue Global facts and statistics about Indiana students

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Purdue University Global delivers personalized online education tailored to the unique needs of adults who have work or life experience beyond the classroom, enabling them to develop essential academic and professional skills with the support and flexibility they need to achieve their career goals.

Our Hoosier Students

Percentage of Indiana students who:

  • Are over the age of 30: 62%
  • Are female: 71%
  • Are military-affiliated: 14%
  • Had neither parent attend college: 53%
  • Have a child or other dependent: 60%
  • Have prior postsecondary education: 93%
  • Are older than the average Purdue University West Lafayette student*: 96%

*Includes all Purdue Global students, not only Indiana residents.

Growth Since Purdue University Global Transition

  • Enrollment growth in Indiana since April 2018: 1,024
  • Enrollment growth in Indiana since June 2020: 3,893
  • In-state tuition savings: more than $24 million

Source: Purdue Global Office of Reporting and Analysis, July 2020. Includes students who were enrolled prior to the March 2018 purchase of Kaplan University by Purdue University and subsequent creation of Purdue Global. Note: 12% of enrollments are Gift of Knowledge educational benefits recipients.

Salary Increases Post Graduation

  • Associate's degree: $16,000
  • Bachelor's degree: $14,000
  • Master's degree: $13,000

Source: Office of Reporting and Analysis, July 2020. Data include associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s students who graduated on or after April 2, 2018, and self-reported preenrollment (FAFSA) and postgraduation income to the Center for Career Advancement; the increase is the difference between these two values.

Degrees Awarded by Area of Study

  • Health sciences: 33%
  • Business: 24%
  • Social sciences: 15%
  • Criminal justice: 7%
  • Informationn technology: 7%
  • Nursing: 7%
  • All other: 7%

Enrollment by Degree

  • Master's degrees: 25%
  • Bachelor's degrees: 58%
  • Associate's degrees: 10%
  • Certificate/other: 7%

Note: 12% of enrollments are Gift of Knowledge educational benefit recipients.

Source: Unless otherwise noted, data are from the Purdue Global Office of Reporting and Analysis. 2019–2020 academic year. 

Revised January 2021