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The Cybersecurity Center at Purdue Global has compiled a list of cyber defense articles. Read on to learn more about current trends and challenges in the cybersecurity industry.

Fake Amazon Representatives Involved in England’s Phone Scam

January 27, 2020

Scammers recently cheated more than 200 people in England by posing as Amazon representatives over the phone and offering them a variety of free services. Victims were convinced to download harmful software onto their computers and post their bank account information.

What Is Smishing, and How Do You Protect Yourself?

January 24, 2020

Beware of scam text messages the same way you would for phishing emails. “Smishing” messages hope to trick you into clicking on a link and sharing sensitive information or downloading potentially harmful software.

Fake Smart Factory Honeypot Highlights New Attack Threats

January 24, 2020

A fake website designed to lure cybercriminals (also known as a honeypot) observed several threats to industrial control systems over its several months of operation. The fake website included all the online workings of a factory, complete with website, and made intentional security mistakes to mimic a business with limited IT staff.

Privacy Takes a Hit, as Storage Bucket Leaks Cannabis Dispensary POS Data

January 23, 2020

Point-of-sale information from several cannabis dispensaries was discovered to have leaked from an exposed Amazon Web Services storage bucket. Scanned government and employee photo IDs and dispensary visitor and patient signatures were among the exposed content.

The Merging of IT and OT and Utilizing Digital Twin Technology

January 22, 2020

In an interview, consultant Ryan Morris posits that conversations about the Internet of Things must also incorporate operational technology (OT), such as how building infrastructure and machinery can be integrated with information technology (IT) to explore new market opportunities.

South Carolina Water Supplier Targeted in “International Cyberattack

January 22, 2020

Greenville Water, a water supplier to about a half-million residents in South Carolina, suffered what it called “an international cyberattack” in early 2020. The attack knocked out online and pay-by-phone systems, but did not affect water delivery.

Phishing Campaign Leads to UPS Store Data Breach

January 22, 2020

The UPS Store disclosed in early 2020 that several store locations’ email accounts were accessed by an unauthorized party using a phishing scheme. No evidence of misuse of information has been found yet, and the UPS Store claimed that only a “small percentage” of stores were affected.

From AI to Workforce: 10 Initiatives We're Excited About in 2020

January 7, 2020

CompTIA has a lot coming down the pipe in the business of technology for 2020, including new advisory councils discussing goals and emerging technologies, a broad workforce community, and international expansion.

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