Timothy Frater

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Management, 2016

“Purdue Global provided the flexibility for me to finish my degree. Other accredited universities not only did not have the degree I was interested in, they wanted me to change my life around their institution.”

That was a pretty big deal for military veteran and Minnesotan Timothy Frater. Since 2011, he has worked for a chemical manufacturing company.

Timothy had attended two community colleges where he earned a number of credits but was unable to finish with a degree.  He was working full time and became a new first time dad.  He had a lot on his plate.

“I applied to seven different colleges, to seven different universities, for my next step. Almost every one of them told me that, ‘Hey, we want you to quit your job and focus on school." Purdue Global was the only one that said, ‘Hey, you can go part-time. A couple of classes every ten weeks, and if you stick with this track, you're going to graduate.’ And that's what I wanted. That's what I needed.”

That’s what happened.

“What Purdue Global did—it was awesome. They provided an option of a bachelor's degree that I wanted, but I could also keep my job. That was important to me because that's actually what was helping provide for my family.” 

Timothy graduated from Purdue Global in 2016, earning his bachelor's degree in environmental policy and management.

“The flexibility at Purdue Global was fantastic. I had army credits that transferred. I had engineering credits that transferred, and then I had another community college transfer credits that I needed. Most of those met my generals and then I only had a few left that I needed to take.” 

According to Timothy, he has already realized some big benefits at work.

"Since I started at Purdue Global, I've received a couple of promotions just basically because I've been going to school and gaining the knowledge that Purdue Global has helped provide. I was a manufacturing operator, from which I moved to a quality tech, and then moved over to become the operations and environmental health safety and security coordinator.”

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