Student Spotlight: Melanie and Dave Thomas

CPS - Melanie and Dave ThomasService Dog Sir Rocco Helps Serve Others After Being Saved by Two Purdue Global Student

Melanie and Dave Thomas’s service dog, Sir Rocco, came to them from a high-kill shelter in Miami earlier this year. He was just 4 years old.  Sir Rocco is a “super breed”—a king shepherd who at birth was worth about $15,000.  

His previous owner gave him up because his girlfriend didn’t like large dogs (Sir Rocco is nearly 4 feet tall and weighs 130 pounds). However, Sir Rocco was always very gentle, with a calm disposition. He was set to be euthanized when the Thomas family brought him home.

Melanie and Dave were alerted about Sir Rocco while they were volunteering at the German Shepherd Rescue of Central Florida near their home in rural Florida, and they were very excited about the new addition to their family of service dogs. They have two other trained service dogs and have trained dogs for nearly 10 years.

“When we first met Sir Rocco it was love at first sight!” Melanie said.  My girls just adored him. He is so gentle, so beautiful, and he is like a giant teddy bear! He loves kids and has such a warm and loving disposition. He also is very disciplined and obeys commands, so he has been a joy to train!”

Both Melanie and Dave are Purdue Global students—Melanie is currently earning her master’s degree in criminal justice (after earning her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Purdue Global as well). Dave earned his associate’s degree in fire sciences and is currently in the process of earning his bachelor’s degree in the same field. Dave also works full time as a contractor for the Department of Defense at one of Cape Canaveral’s Air Force Stations driving a fire truck.

When the Thomases brought Sir Rocco home, they began to train him as a service dog to help Dave with his mobility issues and PTSD.  A veteran of several wars, Dave worked with service dogs as an Air Force fire fighter in Iraq and Afghanistan, during grueling search and recovery missions. Dave has been injured numerous times and has endured an unbelievable 117 surgeries. He now requires knee replacements in both knees. He has difficulty getting into and out of his truck, and Sir Rocco helps him.  

Dave also suffers from PTSD, especially in large crowds, and Sir Rocco is there to comfort his owner and to provide companionship.

Sir Rocco is a registered service dog and seems to know how to make change in the lives of others. In addition to helping his master, he helps make a difference in the lives of others as well. The Thomases’ neighbor’s son has autism, and one of the boy’s fears is of sand. Recently, the family went to Adventure Island amusement park and the boy built sand castles and played in the sand with Sir Rocco. His parents were thrilled at all he was accomplishing!

Sir Rocco is out and about with his owners as much as possible. He accompanies the family on their outings to Adventure Island and Busch Gardens, and to the grocery store and local restaurants. “Our goal is to get Sir Rocco as well socialized as possible. That way, we expose him to different situations so that when challenges arise, he is as experienced as possible,” Melanie said.  “When we’re out, we always get compliments on Sir Rocco’s behavior and looks!”  

Depending on the situation, many times Sir Rocco wears a service dog vest that says “Please Don’t Pet Me, I’m Working.” 

Melanie and Dave look forward to continuing to work with Sir Rocco and their service dogs, as well as earning their Purdue Global degrees. Once their children are all grown, Melanie plans on becoming a criminal justice professor. When Dave retires, his goal is to become a fire sciences professor at a university like Purdue Global.

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