Student Spotlight: Genevieve Koens

Genevieve_KoensMaster’s in Teaching Graduate Pursues a Change in Her Career to Spend More Time With Her Children and to Help Others

Born in Holland, Genevieve Koens came to the United States with plans to succeed in business, but a divorce changed everything. As a single mom, she decided she wanted to spend more time with her two toddlers. “I wanted to make sure I could be at home more. When I realized that I wanted to go back to school and stay at home with my kids, I had to figure out how to do it,” she said.

Genevieve was always interested in becoming a teacher so she secured a job at a private school and then secured a better job at a public school after graduating from Purdue Global. “I needed my master’s degree [in teaching] to get better opportunities in teaching,” she said.

When Genevieve decided to go back to school she researched several online universities before choosing Purdue Global. “One of the reasons I chose Purdue Global is because they accepted my credits from my university in Holland,” she said. She also liked that she could take her classes online and not have to leave her children to attend classes somewhere else.

Genevieve was also able to stay at home with her children while taking a full schedule of online courses. She earned her master's degree in teaching in 13 months.

Today Genevieve teaches the students at Orange Morris Middle School how to prepare for and use evolving technology. Her experience with Purdue Global was a positive one. She describes the instructors as “being very knowledgeable.” She also felt the curriculum was very useful to her, including a course in psychology which helped her in the classroom because she has many students from different backgrounds and it offered her a better understanding of them. In her words, preventing just one child from going down the wrong path "would be amazing."

If you are considering becoming a teaching or pursuing a master’s in teaching or education, you could learn more about Genevieve by viewing the following video about her and her experience on our Purdue Global YouTube page.

This testimonial was obtained by Purdue University Global. Purdue University acquired Kaplan University in March 2018 and created Purdue University Global, which is following the same curriculum format and instructional delivery methods as developed and used by Kaplan University. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual; student experiences may vary.