Student Spotlight: Josey Dunagan

CPS - DunaganBachelor of Science in Human Services with an Emphasis in Child and Family Welfare

Josey Dunagan’s position as a special advocate often involves meeting with children who have been placed with relatives or a foster family and with the children’s custodial families. She speaks on behalf of children at court hearings and makes recommendations about their permanent placements. She also assists parents and foster parents and works closely with Child Protective Services.

Josey began to volunteer while working as a 911 operator, a position she has held for 12 years. “Doing this job had made me numb to the bad that happens to people because I deal with it every day," she said. "After I gave birth to my son, I was overwhelmed with the sense of how precious human life is. I grew tired and sick of the news constantly airing stories of abused and neglected children. I wanted to make a difference in children that are less fortunate. I love what I do [as a special advocate]. So I decided to become a social worker. I started school again after a 10-year hiatus.”