Richard Ballinger

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, 2016

Richard Ballinger was motivated to go back to college after his employer promoted him to quality analyst from senior electronic technician and part of the growth potential was to go back to school. In fact, his employer offered to pay for a portion of his education if he decided to go back. 

Using this motivation, Richard began researching schools knowing he needed a university that offered flexibility so he could still work full-time. He found that Purdue Global has a “great IT program online and I decided to do it.”

Earning an associate’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering in 1992, Richard was already working in his field of choice and had a great job. He was flying all over the world for work. Richard started at Purdue Global in 2011 and would study while traveling. “I still had to log into class and participate as if I was home,” he said.

Even though his professional work was demanding, Richard did not make excuses for his school work. He admits, “I needed to own my own problems and issues while trying to perform to the greatest degree of excellence.”

Classes in science, communications, and business helped best prepare him. “Being at a company and understanding the business, how to properly communicate―and in my case, there is a science side to the studies I do―aligned me with what I am doing now,” Richard said.

While studying at Purdue Global, Richard describes his experience working in teams as challenging and memorable. “Going to online classes at Purdue Global, or any college, is not like a trip to the beach. It requires work, discipline, and daily effort if anyone wants to succeed.”

And Richard succeeded. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2016 from Purdue Global. As graduation approached, Richard’s employer promoted him to quality engineer.

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