Nagham Al-Bayaty

Master of Science in Accounting, 2016

Alum - Nagham Al-Baytay

Nagham Al-Bayaty was born and raised in the Middle East before immigrating to Canada a quarter century ago. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Concordia College in Montreal, majoring in accounting while minoring in economics.

Nagham married, moved to the United States in 2001, and started a family with her husband.

Life was good. “I was raising my two boys and taking care of them, just being a housewife.”

But something was missing. Nagham wanted to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and eventually go back to work. First, she had to go back to college.

“I was trying on and off to study for the CPA exam. But in California, they changed the requirements after the Sarbanes-Oxley, so they started asking for more classes and courses. I figured, well, here's my chance, might as well.”

Nagham decided to enroll at Purdue Global to pursue her master’s degree.

“It was amazing. I felt supported, cared for, day in day out. I'm the person that asks a million question thousand times, and I called and I emailed. The team that helped me from the academic adviser, registration advisers, and everybody in Purdue Global, they were just very patient. They just made it so easy. They made me believe more in myself than what I thought possible.”

Nagham earned her master’s degree in accounting from Purdue Global in 2016 and is buckling down for the series of exams she must pass to become a CPA. With her boys (ages 9 and 11) growing, she has plans to go back to work in the near future.

“I need to find a job under CPA supervision to finalize my California license requirement, and I'm hoping I can find a job as supportive as Purdue Global because now Purdue Global spoiled me, really.”

Further over the horizon, Nagham wants to give back.

“I'm thinking of doing my PhD eventually, but maybe I hope I can pay back Purdue Global and teach, and carry it forward, because I love teaching so maybe I'll be able to do that online down the road.”

Regarding her decision to choose Purdue Global, Nagham offered the following.

“Schools are schools, and most professors are professional and knowledgeable and they can teach the material. The books are the same. It's the support that would differentiate Purdue Global. It's the support, the environment, the family community, you're not alone kind of thing, and everyone will pull for you and help you in every way they can. For me, I felt that support.”

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