Julio Alvarado

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology, 2012
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, 2014
Master of Science in Information Technology, 2016

Six years ago, Julio Alvarado was jumping from job to job trying to make ends meet and now he has a stable career as a systems administrator.

In 2010, Julio enrolled in Purdue Global for the very first time, planning to earn his associate’s degree in information technology (IT). He continued his education with Purdue Global and earned not only this degree, but two more―a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree―all in IT. 

When Julio was working in construction, he was introduced to computers and became more interested in them. It wasn’t until he moved to Minnesota to work in the benefits department of a local company that his interest was truly peaked. 

What really inspired him to earn a college degree was having a serious talk with his young daughter. 

“My daughter and I were chatting about the importance of going to college. She just told me that if I talk to her about [going to] college, why don’t I do that myself? So, I took the challenge and decided to go for an associate’s degree, and one thing led to another, then I went back from my bachelor’s and then my master’s.” 

At first, Julio had some obstacles finding a university. He is grateful that Purdue Global gave him the opportunity to succeed. 

“Purdue Global was actually a dream come true. I tried other colleges. I was not accepted for various reasons, mostly financial. But, Purdue Global opened the doors. They did what they could to help me out, and I gained a lot of good experiences,” he said. 

Julio not only earned promotions with each degree, but became a better role model for his daughter.

“After earning my master’s degree, I was promoted to the system administrator position and have been given the opportunity to manage people on the east coast, since the company I work for recently expanded.” 

He certainly has seen the importance of education firsthand. “I knew you can get far by having an education. I just didn't know how easy it would be. I think it was one of the biggest decisions and best decisions I've ever made.”

Julio’s daughter is just starting high school now and they are already talking about her college plans.

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