Jonathan Walker

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, 2016

Jonathan Walker was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. There, he attended Miller Hawkins Business College earning an associate’s degree in business administration. After graduation, Jonathan started to work in security.

Although he loved his job, he was eager to advance in his career but could not do so without a bachelor’s degree. 

After visiting a traditional university, Jonathan knew it was not for him. 

“I looked at some of the local universities, and I went into some of the laboratories as well as the conference rooms. They seemed crowded. It was like being in an auditorium at a rock concert or something. However, with Purdue Global, having the individual opportunity to be able to tell my side of my education, and being heard individually, as opposed to being just a part of a group, stood out to me. That’s what really kept me going.”

He enrolled in Purdue Global in 2014 and was excited, yet nervous. 

“Purdue Global exceeded my expectations. This was the first time I had ever done an online course, and so I was kind of skeptical in the beginning. And then once I got into the program, it actually fit my lifestyle really, really well.”

Jonathan was working full-time in management as a supervisor covering certain states in the U.S. “I have seven or eight of them that I have different offices at. So this was a great opportunity to take school with me wherever I had to be. And, Purdue Global fit right in.”

Jonathan earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and was promoted to director of security in 2016. It was not a coincidence that these events happened in the same year. 

“I was looking for an opportunity to advance. I’d gotten as far as I could in my present position. Purdue Global opened a door for me to get some added information, and some guided knowledge that I could use in the present position that I’m in as a director,” he admits. In his new position, Jonathan finds himself using what he learned in his courses at Purdue Global.

“We do have quarterly meetings at my new job, and we managers are given the opportunity to come up with the subject. A lot of the things that I learned during Purdue Global, I use those in some of the meetings as for as how officers should react to certain situations. As well as helping them to understand what the real job of security officer is.”

According to Jonathan, “If you’re thinking about enrolling in Purdue Global, be prepared for a great experience. Purdue Global is a wonderful university. One thing I would say that it is, since it is online, it's going to take you to be willing to sit down and focus. As long as you have the focus, you'll be a success."

Purdue Global cannot guarantee employment or career advancement. Additional training or certification may be required.