Faculty Spotlight: Richard Niemann

R_NiemannRichard Niemann’s 25 Years of Experience in the Field of Law Enforcement Enhances His Role Helping Students in the Field

Purdue Global professor Richard Niemann has over 25 years of experience as a criminal justice  practitioner, teacher, researcher, subject matter expert and tactical training professional.  A retired police officer, Richard became a faculty member at Purdue Global in 2008, teaching classes about homeland security , criminal justice and counter-terrorism.  He is certified by the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI) in homeland security, CHS Level IV, and as a certified anti-terrorism specialist (CAS)

Drawing on his extensive background in Homeland Security and Investigations and applying his skill sets in mission planning, surveillance and undercover work.  Richard’s classes offer students a fascinating exploration into the field of law enforcement.  For instance, Richard has experienced first-hand how an incident uncovered by a local police department escalated into a case involving FBI, DEA and Customs which span across many states and our border.  Insight gained from such experiences makes him an exceptional mentor, able to engage and inspire students while imparting crucial knowledge and understanding with regard to the skills needed to tackle todays evolving threats.

Richard describes himself as being both analytical and strategic; two character traits that have helped him succeed in the law enforcement and criminal justice arenas.  He points out, though, that all different personalities are needed in the Department of Homeland Security, and depending on skills and talents, various opportunities exist.

For those looking to develop a career path, Richard emphasizes the importance of trying to capitalize on one’s basic interests.  “For instance, if you love video games, you might want to learn how to operate a drone.  If you are a whiz at computers, look into the growing field of cyber-security.  I like to ask students, what appeals to you? ”

Still, Richard does say some skills are universally beneficial.  “I highly recommend students have a balance of criminal justice classes and I.T. classes,” says Richard.  “Students with a high level understanding of advanced technologies will be better equipped for success in this field.”

Teaching via an online environment is extremely satisfying for Richard, as he enjoys the opportunity to connect with individuals who are eager to learn and significantly interested in the topics he covers.  “Some of my students are on Navy ships in the middle of the Mediterranean,” Richard explains.  “And, I am thrilled that we can be there for them.”