Faculty Spotlight: Howard Chusid

CPS - ChusidHelping Families, Children, and Veterans Outside of the Virtual Classroom

Outside of the virtual classroom, Dr. Howard Chusid is a founding partner of the Family Law Cooperative (www.familylawcooperative.com), a group of caring professionals who offer a cooperative and collaborative approach to divorce, financial difficulties, and other family disputes.  “Unlike the usual options out there, we guide couples through the confusing and emotionally charged divorce process in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity, where the children’s welfare and well-being comes first and foremost,” Dr. Chusid says.

Dr. Chusid who is also an adjunct instructor at Purdue Global’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences shares with us his tips for coping with financial depression in this month’s faculty article “Coping with Financial Depression”—and points out that financial issues are a major factor in divorce. Whether we’re experiencing financial depression ourselves or know of someone who is having trouble, Dr. Chusid provides some useful advice.

Before becoming a licensed mental health counselor, Dr. Chusid had a very interesting background. Back in the 70s, Dr. Chusid earned an associate’s degree in radiologic technology, a bachelor’s degree in physiology, and a master’s degree in community health education. He was a college professor in radiologic technology and coauthored two books on developing radiologic technology curriculum. He also taught science in the local public school system. In the 80s, he started working with managed health care organizations, and Dr. Chusid founded (and eventually sold) a very successful Medicaid HMO.

Although Dr. Chusid experienced great success in the business world, he was not immune to financial issues and experienced some setbacks later on. After overcoming these obstacles and a successful 30-year career in health care and administration/management, Dr. Chusid went back to school at age 53 to earn his doctorate in counseling psychology. He then proceeded to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a National Certified Counselor in the state of Florida.

Dr. Chusid felt fortunate and blessed in his own life and wanted to help the less fortunate. He and his wife started Kesher, a K-12 school for children with learning disabilities, which opened in 1995 and today serves more than 80 students. Scores of alumni have gone to college and are now engaged in successful careers. Dr. Chusid remains on the Board. “I consider the Kesher school to be one of my most precious accomplishments,” he says.

In addition to his current work with kids in crisis and families going through divorce, Dr. Chusid also counsels people regarding their life pursuits. He also aids “graduates of war” under a subcontract with the Veterans Administration. You can learn more about Dr. Chusid in his article on Coping with Financial Depression.