Faculty Spotlight: Maggie Broderick

Maggie Broderick Offers Advice to Students Looking to Enter the Field of Education

As an aspiring flutist in her teens, Maggie Broderick assumed that she would someday have a career in the symphony. In reality, Professor Broderick says she was already developing her inner talent as an educator. At the time, she enjoyed studying music and performing, but what she really loved was when a fellow flutist would ask her for help with a difficult piece of music. “Even as a kid, I was so happy when someone would come up to me and ask, ‘Can you help me?’” It didn’t take long to realize that teaching was her true calling.

Professor Broderick began undergraduate work in music education and ultimately completed her PhD in foreign language education.  At Purdue Global, Professor Broderick is an adjunct faculty member. She is an expert in teaching English language learners , fascinated by the increasing need in our country for educational techniques to reach those whose second language is English. “Current statistics indicate that 11 percent of students in the U.S. are identified as English language learners. Our educators need to be trained on how to properly teach these students.”

Professor Broderick says that she easily identifies with the students in an online environment. “Purdue Global students are usually engaged in juggling that delicate balance between studies, work, and other responsibilities. As a mother of three, I understand how critical this balance is, and I am confident that my experiences can help them achieve their goals.”

Professor Broderick says that many of her students are in the process of changing careers, and she understands the challenges presented by this decision at any age. “Whether one is 25 or 50, online universities offer an accessibility that was not available when I was in school. Today, students have so many more options and people can study anything from home. Students all over the world can all come together and share ideas more easily. I wish this existed when I was in school.”

For those interested in a career in education , she advises getting one’s feet wet in the field while still in school. For Professor Broderick, it was a graduate assistant position that ultimately sparked her interest in seeking a PhD  “This is where I really caught the bug. I would highly recommend this type of a job for students in school to see where it might lead them,” she said.

Professor Broderick advises students to connect with professional associations in the field of education  to learn about career options. “For every different specialty in education there are resources that are the key to understanding the type of credentials one will need.”  She says that while not every educator needs a PhD, most people who complete a PhD in education truly have a calling for that process.

“For those who want to teach, and even for those who want to complete a PhD in education, I know it’s a passion and there’s simply no stopping them.”  And, fortunately for those at Purdue Global, Professor Broderick is here to help!