Eva Coleman

Master of Science in Education, 2013

Alum - Eva Coleman

Eva Coleman was born and raised in Saint Mary, Jamaica. In 2005, she earned her bachelor’s degree in education from the International University of Caribbean. After college, Eva worked full-time as a mathematics teacher.

Eva decided that she wanted to go back to school and earn a master’s degree in education. She was unable to find a university in Jamaica that was affordable and flexible around her full-time job, so she started looking at universities in the United States. Eventually, Eva found Purdue Global.

“As an international student I was skeptical about the online courses and the difference in culture, but from the first phone call with my admissions advisor I knew that Purdue Global was the school for me.”

When Eva first started at Purdue Global in 2012, she faced two challenges. First, she was unsure how she was going to fund her education. Second, she worried about having a hard time balancing a heavy workload in school with her full-time job as a teacher. The professors and advisors at Purdue Global were able to help solve Eva’s challenges. They were able to set up a payment plan that Eva could afford, and her first professor taught her how to manage her time. “The techniques he gave me [have] helped me tremendously.”

In 2013, Eva not only earned a master’s degree in education, but earned a promotion and raise as well. Although she was a math teacher prior to enrolling, Eva feels “studying at Purdue Global has changed how I teach.”

She says, “My degree has helped me greatly. After completing my degree not only did my salary increase, but I was promoted to a senior teacher, where I am now the head of my department. I am also the recipient of the Excellent Teacher Award from the Jamaica Teaching Council and the Ministry of Education in Jamaica.”

Eva credits her promotion and awards to the knowledge and experience she gained at Purdue Global. Overall, Eva had a positive experience. “From my first phone call at Purdue Global to graduation day was great.”

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