Crystal Jenkins

Master of Science in Psychology, 2013; Master of Public Health, 2015

Crystal Jenkins earned her bachelor’s degree in history in 1994 and immediately started work as an immigration federal agent. After 8 years in this position, she moved to South Carolina and settled down.

In South Carolina, she became a human service coordinator/clinical counselor.  At this job, Crystal notes, “[I] did not see much growth for myself ‘clinically’ nor did I see much growth for myself to start my own business.” In order to pursue a new career path, Crystal knew that she needed to go back to school.

For a long time, Crystal put her education on hold to raise her two children. Now her children are grown. “I am able to pick up where I left off prior to having them,” admits Crystal.

Crystal says, “[I] chose Purdue Global because it had the best program to fit my needs as it would be related to my career goals. My career goals required that I have some educational background in psychology and public health.”

At Purdue Global, Crystal earned a master’s degree in psychology in 2013. Two years later she earned a master's degree in public health. After completing both degrees, Crystal feels she “has the opportunity to be a part of a competitive group of people.”

Crystal has also been able to start on a new career path with a higher salary. “Professionally, I was able to change careers, do more work in the community, and establish various partnerships with state legislatures. My fieldwork made that possible for me to meet people and because of this I was able to land a better paying position.” 

Today, Crystal works full-time as a behavior manager and enjoys volunteering at an adult homeless shelter.

“I cannot thank Purdue Global enough for all that they have done to assist me towards my goals of directing various juvenile agencies across the state.”

Purdue Global cannot guarantee employment, career advancement, or any particular salary.

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