Brittany Balderston

Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, 2016

Brittany Balderston was raised in San Diego, California, and Anderson, Indiana. After high school, she moved to Colorado and worked as a front desk clerk and then as a customer service representative. She quickly realized that without a college degree her career options were extremely limited. 

To open up more job opportunities, she decided to enroll at Purdue Global to pursue her bachelor’s degree.

Before enrolling, Brittany already had a schedule that was beyond busy.

“I looked online and decided that I needed something that was flexible because I work full-time and take care of my daughter,” she said.

After making the decision to pursue her bachelor’s degree in legal studies, Brittany enrolled with Purdue Global and fell in love. Shortly after beginning this 4-year journey, she secured a job as a legal assistant with the Fifth Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Her positive experience led to her success as a student. “I loved the classes and I worked full-time at the district attorney's office. And then I would do my classes and homework and take care of my daughter afterwards. So the teachers were very understanding when things came up and I was able to accomplish it, luckily,” Brittany said.

Brittany graduated from Purdue Global with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies in June 2016.

“I’ve had a lot of obstacles throughout my life, challenges and struggles, and it’s huge to know that I was able to accomplish something that was such a big deal. It will pay off in the long run and I feel really good for myself and for my daughter knowing that I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree.”

She admits that her daughter was her inspiration. “She's been my main supporter. Anytime there were moments of doubt or obstacles along the way she was the one who would say, ‘You can do it, mom. You got this.’ She says, ‘Don't quit.’ She says, ‘Never give up’ is her favorite saying.”

Currently, Brittany works as a medical malpractice legal assistant for the law firm Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine, P.C., and plans to attend law school.

“The next step will be law school, so I will take the LSAT in December and then apply for law school the beginning of next year. I love the legal field and I am really excited to pursue it further.”

Brittany credits Purdue Global for getting her to where she is now.

“I think that my education is huge. I couldn't go to law school without acquiring my bachelor's degree, so there are steps in the education process and I have now completed one of the big steps, thanks to Kaplan [University].”

She added, “I actually feel like I have a head start in getting into law school because of everything I learned at Kaplan [University].”

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