Beyond the Law Firm

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is launching a new Bachelor of Science in Legal Support and Services. The program offers a solid foundation in legal theory and practice, offering students broad-based knowledge of the law as well as practical areas of study required by many professions both inside and outside the legal field.

Legal knowledge is valuable for pursuing careers in settings within or beyond the law firm. To help explain the opportunities available in the area of legal studies, the Center for Public Service is featuring faculty written and career related articles about the legal studies field. Explore the articles and feel free to share them on social media.

Advancing legal studies career

Advancing in Your Career Within Legal Studies

Sometimes, the biggest challenge with legal studies careers is “getting your foot in the door.” In some instances, the academic credential might be sufficient to secure an entry-level position but in other circumstances, the employer may be looking for practical experience. Here are a few ways you can gain some experience.  Learn More

Emerging Opportunities in Legal Studies Careers Due to Increased Regulations

Today’s business climate is one of increased regulation. From President Obama’s health care overhaul to the massive Dodd-Frank financial reform law to the EPA clean air and water regulations, these mandates require immense regulatory oversight.  Learn More

Legal Studies Job

Getting Into Your Dream Job With a Legal Studies Degree

Are you have a degree or pursuing in legal studies? Purdue Global faculty member Joanna Bauer, gives sage advice on what you need to do to land your dream legal studies job.  Learn More


Public Policy Specialists, Just One Option for Those Interested in Legal Professions and Studies

Faculty member Jen Gehring shares her perspective on the engaging field of public policy. While many may think that if you want to work in a legal profession, you are limited to opportunities in law offices, that’s not necessarily the case at all. Jen works in public policy and shares what public policy specialist do in this rewarding and dynamic career.  Read More

Paralegal Job

4 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job as a Paralegal

Is working as a paralegal your idea of a dream job? While working as a paralegal today can be demanding at times, the paralegal profession can be a very rewarding and satisfying career. Here are four tips for pursing a career as a paralegal.  Learn More