Bernard Evans

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice, 2016

According to Bernard Evans, "Education has always been important to me. I always wanted to give back and I always wanted to be one of those ones that took education seriously."

In 2013, Bernard earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and began working as a booking coordinator in Guilford County. 

Bernard enjoyed his job, but was eager to further his education. “I feel like if you don't want to learn, you might as well not work, because no matter where you work, you're going to have to learn something and you're going to have to want to be educated, otherwise you're not going to be good at it,” he said. 

Bernard enrolled in Purdue Global to do just that. He liked that his courses would be entirely online.

“To be honest, I had to go online. My schedule at work is hectic and I could not go on campus―that just wasn't going to be the case. But I'm glad I chose Purdue Global.”

Bernard earned new skills to apply to his career and everyday life while he was studying at Purdue Global. 

“My time at Purdue Global was impactful because the resources I actually had to use led me to be more open-minded. Certain things that I didn't think about in my bachelor's or certain things I didn't think about in my career; it kind of led me to start thinking outside of the box with certain things. So, at work in law enforcement, you have to think on your feet every day. So, being open-minded at work actually has led to me doing and being promoted into different positions throughout the office, which probably may not have been there had I not been exposed to being open-minded.”

Bernard graduated from Purdue Global with a master’s degree in public administration in 2016. After earning another degree, he feels that a big weight has left his shoulders. 

“My master’s degree will help me tremendously. A lot of jobs require you now to have a master's. So, me knowing that now, I went ahead and got it in now so that way in the future if I need it I can use it.”

Bernard had such a great experience with Purdue Global that he convinced his wife to enroll. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in accounting. He is looking forward to seeing her walk across the stage at graduation.

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