Is a Teaching Career Right for You?

Becoming a Teacher

People choose to become teachers for many different reasons. Maybe you’re a teacher and for the last couple of years, you’ve been reflecting on that decision, or perhaps you are considering a career in education and are still weighing the pros and cons.  

Teaching is a great career choice, and offers so many great benefits: 

Impacting Young Minds: Perhaps you had teachers growing up who made an impact on your life, and you dream of doing the same for other children. Paying it forward is a great reason to be a teacher. Or, if you are someone that dreams of making a difference in the world, teaching children is a great way to accomplish that goal.

Your Happiness: Some people truly feel they are meant to be teachers. For those people, teaching is a highly fulfilling career choice. Building relationships with students, watching them grow, and in turn continuing to learn and grow yourself can be a very rewarding way to live.

Perks: Remember how exciting summer, winter, and spring breaks were when you were a kid? Guess what, when you’re a teacher, they’re still that exciting! Having three months off during the summer is a huge perk of being a teacher. You can use your free time to take trips, advance your own education, or cultivate other hobbies. Another benefit is that if you have children, your schedules will match up, especially if you are in the same district as them.

Job Security: There’s a reason why so many teachers have been at the same school for years: tenure. Though state laws vary, once you earn tenure in a certain school district, your job is usually fairly secure.

Learn about one woman’s motivation to become a teacher here in her blog.


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