Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

Faster, Forward in Business

At Purdue Global, your military training and skills translate to maximum credits toward your degree

Our Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration is designed to help military students achieve more, sooner. 

Awarding college credits for the training and skills you earned in the military is always a priority at Purdue Global. And we mean business.

Military AASBA

Credit Award by Military Occupation

The following military occupations translate into a significant number of credits, a maximum of 50% of those needed, toward your associate's degree in business*:

Attention 79Rs and 79TsClick here to learn about occupational mapping into the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Please note that credit awards listed above are based on the standard training provided to members in these occupations and there are time limits to when the training must have been taken. Some individuals may have had variations to that training in which case the credit award may be different. The applicable training must be shown on your Joint Services Transcript.

If you do not meet the required skill level or have a different occupation, you may still be eligible for credit from your military training. Speak with an advisor at 877-809-8445. 

Does Purdue Global award credit for other military training or prior college experience?

Affirmative! Purdue Global regularly awards credit based upon eligible prior coursework, military training, challenge exams, or military exams such as CLEP and DANTES. See the University Catalog for the Transfer of Credit policy. 

We also may accept credit recommendations made by the American Council on Education.

So, even if your occupation has not yet been evaluated, or you serve under a branch other than the United States Army, you may still be able to reduce the number of courses you need to obtain your degree.

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

As a student pursuing an associate’s degree in business program, your classes will focus on the technical skills, knowledge, and professional work habits relevant to entry-level positions in banking, retail, sales, human resources, and elsewhere. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Examine the impact of state/federal laws and regulations on business
  • Identify the tasks and responsibilities of managers in organizations
  • Explore marketing principles used in effective business strategies
  • Utilize new technology and software applications for business
  • Study human resource concepts and activities within organizations
  • Apply the basic principles of economics, finance, and accounting

The ability to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly is highly valued in today's complex business environments. Whether you are preparing to enter the workforce or are seeking the credentials to advance your career, earning an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration at Purdue Global may help you establish your position as a member of this challenging field.*


Concentrations allow you to personalize your education by focusing on an area of study that best fits your desired career path. For example, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in small business management, the associated concentration area offers courses in accounting, customer service, and software applications that focus on specialized knowledge directly related to managing small businesses. 

Concentration include:

  • Business
  • Customer Service
  • Custom Specialization
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Meeting and Event Planning
  • Hospitality Management

  • Health Club Operations
  • Information Processing
  • Office Management
  • Retail Management
  • Sales
  • Small Business Management

If you are transferring in credit based on the military occupations listed above, you will be placed into a custom concentration. 

What Are the Career Opportunities?

Whether you want to begin a career in management or advance to administration, earning an associate's degree in business administration may help you qualify for entry-level positions in a variety of fields.*

Ready to take your degree to the next level?

Once you have completed your associate’s degree, you can transfer those credits into a bachelor’s degree program at Purdue Global, including business. Concentration areas in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration include:

  • Accelerated MBA Option
  • Financial Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Information Assurance
  • Information Systems Management
  • Investment
  • Management
  • Marketing 
  • New Media/Internet Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Real Estate
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Sales Management
  • Wealth Management        

How about moving things a notch higher?

Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree you could progress into a graduate-level business program, including the following:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science in Accounting
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Master of Science in Management

Business programs are also available on the bachelor’s and master’s degree level—click here to explore.


Based on a member of the military who transfers in the maximum amount of quarter credit hours: 65 for medical MOS, 60 for military police and information technology MOS, 50 for combat arms MOS, 55 for paralegal specialist MOS, 45 for recruiter MOS. Coursework reduction reflects an educational mapping based on the completion of the standard courses required for rank advancement as well as credit for occupation duties. Credit awards have service-level requirements. Exact transfer amount may vary depending on completed military courses and occupations as listed on your official Joint Service Transcript(s). State-specific requirements, as listed in the University Catalog, may apply. All credits must be validated on official transcript(s) to be eligible to transfer.

*Purdue Global cannot guarantee employment or career advancement.

†While many of Purdue Global's degree programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue continued education, the University cannot guarantee that students will be granted admission to any programs.