Nelly Dixon, PhD

Dr. Nelly Dixon is a full-time faculty member in the graduate psychology department of Purdue Global's School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is a certified special education teacher, holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is also the parent of a young man with autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Dixon has "formally" worked in the field of applied behavior analysis for 11 years, first as a special education teacher for students with autism and related developmental disabilities, then as a behavior consultant in the public school sector. She has provided behavioral services for individuals ages 2 through 21 in both public and private schools, homes, and community settings. Dr. Dixon places great pride in supporting teachers, paraprofessionals, child study team members, and parents with practical and effective interventions to support the needs of students with developmental and behavioral disabilities. Dr. Dixon has also provided services as an independent consultant to families in the military who require home-based services for children with developmental and behavioral disabilities.

Dr. Dixon's interests lie in the ability to disseminate information, strategies, and interventions that are practical in nature. She has significant experience in the areas of verbal behavior, intensive teaching, and the use of visual strategies to enhance social, behavioral, and instructional success. Additional interests include the use of self-management and self-monitoring techniques to promote long-term behavior change.

Dr. Dixon takes great pride in establishing positive rapport with colleagues, clients, and students here at Purdue Global. Her goal is to promote a sense of efficacy and community within her classroom, and provide students with the tools to become knowledgeable and successful in the field of applied behavior analysis in a supportive yet challenging manner.